Winter CES 2013 hasn’t even started, nevertheless I’m absolutely over it


A New Year starts, plus with it goes the yearly migration of the technorati to the Consumer Electronics Show inside Las Vegas. Bring the comfy boots, considering that’s 1 big show floor, people.

Well, I ain’t going there. The initial cause being is I have a day job, as well as the 2nd is the fact that CES is a waste of anyone’s time whom is going there.

I’ll recap this show for we thus we don’t need to read the hundreds of articles which will be created this week.

There is several Android pills plus smartphones. There is various smartphone accessories. There is many PCs. There is each kind of Internet-connected single cause or very specialized device you are able to think of. There is several digital cameras. There is more HDTV sets than you are able to shake a stick at. There is all types of games being shown inside many stages of development.

And guess what, over half of these treatments won’t really materialize. Because at the finish of your day, the big brick plus mortar plus online stores are the ones that actually control the customer electronics industry.

NOT the customers.

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Well, I digress. The dynamic is different than it utilized to be. Devices plus goods have become very commoditized plus pretty synonymous plus converged inside terms of function. At the same time, the amount of stores which continue to be capable to take dangers with diverse stock inside the channel have shrunken greatly.

The economy sucks, people.

So what you have left is the some remaining big box shops like Best Buy plus Wal-Mart plus discount clubs like COSTCO which may distribute these electronics inside the brick plus mortar room, plus then your big online e-tailers like Amazon.

All in every, there are maybe a dozen main companies which may market almost all of the customer electronics inside the United States, that’s excepting naturally Apple, that is an entity onto itself plus isn’t represented at CES, plus is the 800-pound gorilla inside customer electronics.

[Yes, I’m aware Microsoft isn’t represented at CES either.]

Whatever Apple comes out with will appear after CES, plus by the time any of these providers have items being shown inside Vegas really materialize, they’ll be re-evaluating whether to release anything considering Apple can have one-upped them plus have developed anything inside total secrecy.

Oh yeah, the big box stores. Their representatives can be going to the show to observe what really attracts attention plus will have slipped off their radar, however they have absolutely had private viewers with all the many producers (plus Apple) lengthy before CES, plus their amount customers have a very wise decision of what they will move this year anyway.

And those smartphones plus pills? The wireless carrier is choosing plus selecting from a select group of stuff. Maybe 10 % of those phones plus pills we see inside Vegas may end up at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint plus T-Mobile. If which.

So except it has absolutely mass-market possible plus isn’t a “me too”, you’ll not see it come to light. Because when anything defines the electronics industry now, it is actually not product range. CES 2013 is an illusion, a “Hunger Games” with some surviving winners.

The signal to sound ratio about innovation is really low, which I’ve got a better chance of finding an alien world with my own makeshift radio telescope utilizing a Pringles Wi-Fi antenna plus my grandfather’s older Grundig shortwave than acquiring a special product at this stupid show.

CES? Don’t waste my freaking time.


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