Who makes Apple’s iOS mobile processors?

Who can build Apple’s processors for the mobile devices? The active machine is Samsung. However analysts recommend which Cupertino can be seeking to more sourcing plus several unlikely hot foundry partner: Intel.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini this month recommended which performing because a foundry to Apple’s ARM-based processors “will be an interesting model.” http://www.zdnet.com/intel-we-could-be-a-foundry-if-the-fit-was-right-7000008427/ Analysts are doubling down found on the idea.

A latest EE Times part by Rick Merritt states which Intel might function as the unique partner. While it has its own low-power processor aimed at mobile equipment, it can be facing declining manufacturing inside the desktops computer segment.

Face it, the marketplace has changed within the desktops Intel dominates to pills plus smartphones where it hardly participates. However world-class semiconductor production is because useful because ever, even because Moore’s Law slows.

Here, Intel continues to be tops. First with high-k metal gate transistors. First with FinFETs. Tons of capability inside leading-edge fabs all over the planet. There’s small question it is initial to field the extreme uv lithography which is key to next-generation processes.

Merritt points to rumors which Intel makes high-end router chips for Cisco. Apple may be another customer. But, he states this takes certain main reformulation of Intel’s business identity.

Expanding found on the idea, Jean-Louis Gassée at Monday Note claims which marketplace issues with Windows transitions haven’t aided Intel much plus which an Intel-Apple partnership makes sense.

This wouldn’t be an convenient choice for Intel: the volumes are excellent — because significant because 415M ARM chips for 2013 according to 1 analyst — however, the margins are low. And Intel doesn’t do low margins. Because of the Wintel duopoly, Intel’s x86 chips have usually commanded a premium markup. Take Windows from the pic as well as the margin disappears.

Also, Intel might virtually not be Apple’s sole supplier of ARM chips. Yes, Apple must receive from its active plus hazardous single source condition. But Tim Cook’s Provide Chain Management expertise comes into play to confirm which Apple doesn’t get into a synonymous condition with Intel, which the firm might secure at minimum a next source, including the rumored TSMC.

Gassée equally refutes the rumor floated inside November which Apple might ditch ARM for an Intel processor. He points to speculation by another analyst which Intel might act because a foundry for an ARM-core processor for future iPhones when Apple might take up an Intel processor for the iPad. Crazy speak.

The speculation by an RBC analyst which Intel usually provide its services to build ARM chips for the iPhone found on the condition Apple picks an x86 device for the iPad is nonsensical: Apple won’t fork iOS. Life is complicated enough with OS X about Intel plus iOS about ARM.

There were additionally rumors inside November which Apple might change to an ARM processor for the Macintosh lines. I recommended which this rumor was probably a bargaining strategy to receive Intel to provide up a bit of margin. Then, with these alternative rumors of Intel performing because a foundry for Apple’s ARM-based processors, you uncover another possible twist inside the negotiations.

This story keeps getting more complicated. As my colleague Adrian Kingsley-Hughes points out, Apple may choose to go with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) rather.

Predicting upcoming year’s Oscar winners appears to be a simpler task.

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