USPTO rejects Apple’s ‘pinch to zoom’ patent employed inside Samsung case

Has Samsung scored a minor victory it its apparently never-ending war against Apple?

It looks like it because United States Patent plus Trademark Office has invalidated 20 claims associated to the “pinch to zoom” patent mentioned inside Apple v. Samsung.

Samsung’s lawyers produced this aware to the U.S. District Court inside the Northern District of California inside a filing about Wednesday. Here’s a snippet:

This Office Action is relevant to Samsung’s Motion for Judgment because a Matter of Law, New Trial and/or Remittitur (Dkt No. 1990) plus Samsung’s Opposition to Appleā€™s Motion for a Permanent Injunction plus Damages Enhancement (Dkt No. 2054) considering it rejects all claims, including Claim 8, truly the only claim at matter at trial inside this action.

This reversal can be imperative inside assisting Samsung’s move for a retrial — when not at smallest reducing financial damages found on the Galaxy telephone maker’s piece.

The U.S. patent inside query is No. 7,844,915. Again, the easy description is the fact that this really is associated to the pinch to zoom touch gesture about smartphone plus pill displays, however, here’s the legalese description outlined inside the patent:

At smallest certain embodiments of the present disclosure include an environment with interface software interacting with a software application. A method for running from an application programming interface (API) inside this environment involves moving the set jump call. The system further involves setting at minimum 1 of maximum plus minimal jump values. The set jump call causes a jump of the scrolled area inside an opposite way of the scroll based about a area past an edge of the scrolled area being noticeable inside a show area at the finish of the scroll.

Here’s the full copy of Samsung’s statement in regards to the USPTO’s newest decision:

Apple v. Samsung: USPTO Decision


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