Ultrabook Convertible Developer Guidelines


As piece of the continuing co-op with Intel about highlighting interesting plus helpful Ultrabook resources we’ve got another bunch of information for software programmers this week – a quite valuable guide to designing for Ultrabook Convertibles.

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Cut to the chase – read the post plus download the PDF here.

This comprehensive post by Intel covers a few of the points we’ve talked about plus demonstrated before nevertheless adds more plus wraps it all up together inside a clean reference PDF.

For illustration, Touch. It’s apparent which the convertibles have touch features however how right do we shape software for the different methods, orientations plus window models?

Touch ought to be all-natural plus intuitive, direct plus engaging, handheld plus consistent plus not intrusive.

Read the article to locate out how to adhere to those rules to create a touch-enabled application hit the screen with fingers running!

9375-f1The post moreover talks regarding the alternative sensors. Compass, GPS, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor plus Gyroscope may all be utilized inside a code. See sensors.h, as well as the article naturally!

How regarding certain use examples? The post offers details of 4 use situations where sensors might be chosen. Security, context, travel plus gaming are covered.

User Experience is regarded as the many important ingredients of the Ultrabook convertible software thus you’ll need to consider touch hotspots (inside different orientations) plus whether the keyboard is accessible or not. Button hit sizes plus selections (please remember there’s no ‘hover’ about a capacitive touchscreen) are important.

I’ve been utilizing touch about Windows 8 for months today plus you’d not believe the amount of occasions I reach for the screen about my elder Ultrabooks. Touch is wet! Touch is fun plus when completed properly, touch is quick plus effective. I motivate programmers to read the post plus consider the solutions ahead. Remember, it’s not only Ultrabook Convertibles which you’re composing for. Other touch-enabled equipment is inside the marketplace inside 2013. Tablets, dockables plus even handhelds!

Read the post plus download the PDF here.

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