Twist for Android utilizes GPS to tell a neighbors you’ll be late

There’s a brand modern application that has been simply introduced now for Android called Twist. We all have which friend or sibling which is simply late for everything appropriate? I’ll be there inside 10. They leave 8 minutes later are are 20 minutes late. Twist for Android looks to control which by utilizing GPS to provide we a real-time alert about progress, in addition to the estimated time of arrival. Read about for more details.


Without telling where you’re to neighbors plus family (that might like to be tracked, this isn’t Mission Impossible). Instead it utilizes GPS plus mobile tower data plus place to estimate, as well as for the many element appropriately report whenever you’ll arrive at a destination. You are able to fire up the application plus then rapidly share details, plus which ETA info with neighbors plus family, Facebook, or any you’d like.

The application clearly knows when you’re strolling, driving, or taking public transit and also making we selected the choices which right fits the condition. I like the truth which when you send the notice it adds we to their website. While it won’t tell anybody a exact place, the individuals you’ve transferred a notice to may then track the progress, or check for status upgrades when they are getting impatient.


The application really utilizes Microsoft’s Bing apps, despite the reality Google’s newly opened up their maps API for programmers. While you possibly don’t anticipate those to change over, the experience has been very impressive with Bing. Instead of usually needing to send a rapid “be there soon” text content, particularly whilst driving (whom does that) you’ll today only fire Twist up because we head out the door — plus commute inside peace. Get it today free within the link under plus provide this clean unique application a try.

Twist Play Store Link

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