Toshiba Satellite U940 Analysis (U945 inside the USA)

Toshiba U940 U945 (25)

When I initially had hands-on with all the Toshiba U940 I had been a small worried it may be built too inexpensively. The casing plus styling weren’t precisely top-of-the-range nevertheless it turns out which Toshiba have put together very an honest package here. Don’t judge an Ultrabook by the cover considering the Toshiba U940 has certain specific attributes plus superior all-round performance. Read-on to obtain out more.

This review created largely found on the Toshiba U940

Toshiba U940 review model full requirements.

  • Manufacturer: Toshiba
  • Model name: Satellite U940  (variants recognised as U945 inside USA)
  • CPU type: Intel Core i3-3217U 1800 Mhz
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
  • OS: Windows 8
  • Display Size: 14″ 1366X768 LED-backlit LCD.  No IPS, No Touch
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Battery Capacity: 43Wh
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Hybrid HDD: Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 (500GB Single Platter 5400RPM SATA 3Gbs, 7mm) + Samsung MZMPC032HBCD 32GB SATA 6Gbps SSD.
  • Weight: 1555gm / 54.8 oz. (measured)
  • Ports: DC-in, Line-out / Headphone (3.5mm),Mic-in, SDHC Card Slot, USB3.0 x3, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wireless: Intel Centrino N2230, Bluetooth four.0.
  • Other features: Glossy Screen, Array microphone, Multitouch Synaptics Touchpad, Stereo speakers with SRS processing, Wi-Di, WiUSB. Intel Smart Response RAID driver. (No SRT control software installed. Can be disabled inside BIOS – F2 about boot) Simple access to memory (1 free slot) , msata port, 2.5” drive bay plus WiFi module), removable 43Wh power.
  • Notes: No sensors aside from Win8 place service. No TPM.  No Anti-Theft Software (though Anti-theft is help found on the CPU). No VPro.


First impressions plus unboxing movie.

Detailed first impressions here. Video embedded under.

External Build, Ports

Toshiba U940 U945 (12)Toshiba U940 U945 (11)

The U940 doesn’t impress at initially glance. Slightly cheap searching plastics, an ugly underside plus power device along with a fairly thick fat. This really is going to resemble a mainstream computer before the next quarter of 2013 in comparison with numerous mainstream laptops we can’t deny which it’s reasonably light plus thin.  It’s a useful shape which enables the incorporation of the superior set of ports about both sides of the Ultrabook. The same is mentioned of the underside that just looks a small messy considering it’s got a removable access panel. More regarding which later. More regarding the 3-cell 43Wh removable power later too. Many mainstream computer attributes is desirable. Here’s the underside with all the access  panel removed.


Toshiba U940 U945 (3)

Toshiba U940 U945 (19)Toshiba U940 U945 (20)

Working Fascia (Keyboard, Screen, Mouse)

A mainstream 14” computer of 2011 plus 2012 has a 1366×768 screen thus because you head into 2013 you don’t anticipate to be seeing 1366×768 about a 14″ Ultrabook. The apparent benefit is the fact that it’s inexpensive plus you are able to read text easily, even inside mobile cases (trains for illustration.) The color balance is, even for this amateurish eye, very bad plus placing the U940 upcoming to a Lenovo Twist reveals a severe difference inside comparison, black degrees, color range plus watching angles. Disappointing, however, usable plus with certain tweaks to the Intel images adapter color settings a fair functioning range is found. Many is linking the U940 as much as an exterior monitor though thus for which situation it’s not a big problem. On a positive note the thin screen bezel looks  good.

Toshiba U940 U945 (16)Toshiba U940 U945 (22)

2012-12-27-1237(0)When utilizing Ultrabooks found on the desktop you frequently side-by-side the Ultrabook plus screen, raise the Ultrabook about a computer stand plus add an exterior keyboard plus mouse however, with all the U940 you will report which the keyboard plus mouse are truly usable for longer periods of desktop employ. The mouse pad is particularly superior though you’ll should practice two-finger right-click considering the right-click hit region is little. The pad is usually good plus offers smooth two-finger scrolling. It’s a Synaptics device with all the normal, extensive range of settings plus tuning.

The keyboard isn’t because wise because, state, the Lenovo X1 Carbon or Lenovo Twist plus it’s synonymous to the Z830/930 because it has shallow travel along with a somewhat small keycap location than several keyboards yet it’s not causing any issues here. We had a some spacebar issues about a Z830 last year; there’s no evidence of which here. The keyboard is backlit.

Function keys are reversed plus include media playback controls. The Wi-Fi control is an Airplane-Mode switch below Windows 8

If the screen had been somewhat greater standard this will be an good value set-up yet because it is actually it’s somewhat unbalanced with a bad screen paired with a advantageous keyboard plus an great mousepad.

Toshiba U940 U945 (5)Toshiba U940 U945 (4)Toshiba U940 U945 (6)Toshiba U940 U945 (7)Toshiba U940 U945 (8)

General Performance

The Toshiba Satellite U940 being tested here is the Core i3 adaptation with a 500GB crossbreed difficult drive plus 4GB of RAM that sounds, about paper, very bad. The fact of it is actually which Toshiba have come up with a effectively balance program build. The Intel-based Smart Response storage program (based about RAID technology) along with a 1.8Ghz Ivy Bridge core (which has a base frequency high than the low-end Core i5) plus an great WiFi program certainly make the U940 more successful than it sounds. Don’t forget which the Core i3 3217U has all of the Intel Quick-Sync plus HD 4000 goodness which the additional Core choices for Ultrabooks have thus there’s not much missing. Turbo Increase (controlled overclocking) is truly the only immense difference between Core i3 plus Core i5/i7 plus you’ll see which inside CPU-heavy test results under. The fact is though which the Core i3 lowers the cost (plus puts a limit about extreme power drain) for some disadvantages. In truth, this 45Wh power is lookin like a 5hr device because this short article is typed about Live Writer with Wi-Fi about, screen at 50% brightness along with a some Windows 8 apps running inside the background. Toshiba’s eco mode locks the CPU right down to 800Mhz and enables standard using the enthusiast off. You’ll possibly see 5.5hrs because mode beneath which same conditions.

That brings you to the power. The removable 4-cell 45Wh power isn’t big (that offers more fat to the power lifetime we’re seeing) yet considering it’s removable you’ll be capable to carry a spare for all-day functioning. It’s a easy 4 cylindrical mobile shape thus though it’s going to expense $ 99 from Toshiba, street costs are absolutely lower than which. 30% lower inside several look results from Europe, for the official element. Prices could come down, incredibly when the U940/U945 sells effectively.

Let’s take a consider the drive speeds…

crystaldisk power balanced

Above: Toshiba U940 CrystalDiskMark score plus Lenovo Twist CrystalDiskMark score for comparison.

Write speeds aren’t ideal about this device plus that’s probably to be a function of the Samsung SSD that maxes out at a theoretical 90MB/s according to the analysis. The read speeds are totally acceptable though. 14MB/s at 4K reads will actually aid those fragmented files. It’s not obvious how the Intel SRT plus RAID development actually function however the finish happen is the fact that this might be the number one Hybrid HDD/SSD setup which we’ve chosen inside real-world terms. We saw one lock-up when a drive was doing several thick function for a some seconds however, aside from which it’s been a smooth experience. For comparison, here’s the diskmark score you got found on the Lenovo Twist that utilizes an Expresscache crossbreed setup.

Audio / Video Performance

We’ve absolutely stated the bad screen standard plus which can impact the enjoyment of hi-resolution pictures plus movies. The speakers aren’t anything to receive too excited regarding either because they sound very thin. Digital sound is accessible by the HDMI port naturally plus when not, headphones are advised.

In terms of capability the Core i3 Ultrabook platform is virtually because capable because any additional Ultrabook. FullHD videos inside H.264 formatting shouldn’t  be a condition at all plus bitrates of 60Mbps or even more ought to be potential when the structure is a usual 1. For MKV fans there’s probably to be enough CPU force for several less popular codecs too though MKV is not natively supported. Note which Windows 8 refuses to help MPEG2 decoding plus has no help for DVD except a codec add-on is purchased. Petty, Microsoft.

The HD4000 GPU moreover involves a hardware encoding device plus rendering videos (from a conversion system or movie editor) is especially rapidly when the program supports Intel Easy Sync / Intel Media SDK. We tested Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 plus got a 6X real-time render to drive.

The Wi-Fi card included, an Intel Centrino N2230, is dual-channel, single band plus supports Wireless Display (as much as 60fps 1080p) plus Wireless USB with a suitable recipient. This wasn’t tested.


We tested a couple of Windows 8 games that worked effectively plus you saw certain possibilities with latest (not new) 3D focused games whenever resolutions plus attributes are tuned down yet this really is not a gaming laptop with a extended shot. Gaming could really degrade power performance right down to the sub 2hr level.

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WiFi Performance

We didn’t work any strict throughput testing yet it appears which the antenna standard is superior because you got sturdy data inside places where additional Ultrabooks have struggled. Note which the N-2230 WiFi component is dual-stream yet just single, 2.4Ghz. band. WiFi Direct, Smart Connect plus Wi-Di are supported. Performance wasn’t very as much as the good performance watched found on the Thinkpad Twist nevertheless was undoubtedly inside the ‘good’ category compared to alternative Ultrabooks. Note which several tuning / upgrade can be done here because access to the WiFi card is simple.

Bluetooth wasn’t tested for standard nevertheless an image transfer worked from a smartphone.

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