Three fresh qualities coming inside Linux Mint 15

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It’s been merely a limited weeks because the release of Linux Mint 14 “Nadia,” however, absolutely the project behind the common distribution has been generating plans for the upcoming launch.

In truth, last week project lead Clement Lefebvre laid out a roadmap for Linux Mint 15, whose nickname is still to be decided.

Linux Mint has stayed at the best of DistroWatch’s page hit position for the previous year or thus, generating its upcoming adaptation a topic of common interest.

Ready for a rundown? Below are 3 attributes you may anticipate to find inside Linux Mint 15.

1. Cinnamon 1.8

It’s been the full year because the launch of the GNOME 2-like Cinnamon desktop environment, as well as the upcoming adaptation of Linux Mint might utilize Cinnamon 1.8.

Included together with which prevalent desktop is desklets, or desktop widgets, like for program monitor, terminal, plus pic, movie, plus slideshow frame; themes with configurable color schemes; calendar occasions synonymous to people inside KDE; plus unique applets including an e-mail notifier plus an RSS reader synonymous to Pulse.

Also coming is bump maps along with a control center governing settings for both Cinnamon plus GNOME qualities, amidst different qualities.

2. Nemo 1.8

Cinnamon’s standard Nemo file manager, a fork of Nautilus, is upgraded to adaptation 1.8 inside the upcoming Linux Mint launch, based on the roadmap. Along with it comes an action API, drive administration, file preview abilities, plus interface improvements.

3. MDM 1.2

Version 1.2 of the Mint Display Manager (MDM), meanwhile, might bring hot functions also. Themes, for illustration, can have borders about text fields.

Other unique attributes coming inside Linux Mint 15 include interface improvements for software administration as well as the live installer and a unique screensaver plus driver manager.

Based about Ubuntu, Linux Mint issues hot releases twice a year. The active variation, “Nadia,” was rolled out inside November.

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