Star Wars Episode VII to be guided by J.J. Abrams

After rumors which said because much started creating the rounds, Disney plus Lucasfilm have merely confirmed J.J. Abrams because the director of Star Wars Episode VII. Given the director’s function found on the Star Trek series, this might be bound to receive various Star Wars fans excited. The just issue today is the fact that we’ll need to wait till 2015 to find what Abrams will do with Star Wars series.


Abrams’ part because director was confirmed inside a post found on the official Star Wars website earlier this night, with Kathleen Kennedy suggesting he’s the “perfect director” for a unique era of Star Wars. The announcement additionally confirmed which Academy Award-winning author Michael Arndt is penning the screenplay. Star Wars Episode VII, because several of we absolutely learn, is the initial inside a hot series of Star Wars videos which is created beneath Disney‘s leadership, following Lucasfilm was available to the business last year.

Abrams looks to have the blessings of various big names inside the film industry, including Dennis Muren from Industrial Light plus Magic as well as the guy whom began it all, George Lucas. The creator of Star Wars claims he’s “consistently been impressed” with all the function which Abrams puts out, going onto state which the Star Wars legacy “couldn’t be inside greater hands.” Indeed, it appears which Disney plus Lucasfilm might have completed much worse whenever it came time to select a director for the initial Star Wars film inside a decade.

There’s no word about whether Abrams might direct more videos past Episode VII, however offered the film works perfectly whenever it’s introduced inside 2015, it isn’t difficult to imagine Disney asking Abrams to return for more Star Wars movies. More details may definitely be revealed because you continue about from 2013, plus we’re certain which a lot of fans have various burning issues regarding the way Abrams is planning to take the series. What do we think of the choice of J.J. Abrams to direct the upcoming Star Wars flick?


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