Save $80 about Sony Vaio T13 plus T14 Core i7 Processor Upgrade

Sony US is currently providing an $ 80 savings about any of their T-series Ultrabooks, including the T13 plus T14, whenever we upgrade to a Core i7 processor.

The T13 plus T14 Ultrabooks begin at a fairly fair $ 669, however that’s with a Core i3 processor that lacks Turbo Increase, a feature of Intel’s processors that dynamically increases the CPU clock speed based about program need. Turbo Increase is just accessible about i5 plus i7 processors. Sony is currently providing an $ 80 discount about updates to the Core i7-3517U.

We mostly suggest which we upgrade to a Core i5 processor when potential to receive the Turbo Increase functionality, in this case you might like to splurge for the Core i7 that will Turbo Increase as much as 3GHz! You are able to see a technical comparison of the three processors Sony has found on the T-series here.

Sony commonly asks for an additional $ 220 to go within the Core i3 to the Core i7, however for a limited time it’ll just be $ 140. That signifies there are a T13 or T14 with a Core i7 processor beginning at $ 809 that is a pretty strong deal. Sony also provides updates from 4GB of RAM to 6GB or 8GB for $ 20 or $ 80 respectively, meaning there are a T13 or T14 with i7 plus max RAM (8GB) for $ 889, not bad!

In my hands-on with all the T13 I mentioned I was “quite impressed with all the T13. Aesthetically it ranks inside my top 3 Ultrabooks but it is actually among the cheapest inside the marketplace.”

It’s unclear how lengthy Sony is running this promotion for. If we’re fortunate, they’ll have a lot more Black Friday Ultrabook savings because you approach which day upcoming week!

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