Samsung is whipping Apple inside sales of ‘smart connected devices’ – IDC

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The worldwide “smart connected device” marketplace – including PCs, pills plus smartphones nevertheless not cameras, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, games consoles, smart TV sets etc – grew by 27.1 % inside the 3rd quarter of 2012 to 303.6 million units value $ 140.4 billion $ , according to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker.

The US-based analysis business states it expects Q4 shipments to reach 362.0 million units value $ 169.2 billion $ , that will be up by 26.5 % over the same quarter last year.

IDC mentioned inside a statement now (Monday): “Holiday season development is driven by pills plus smartphones, that are expected to develop 55.8 percent plus 39.5 % year-over-year respectively [corrected], whilst PCs are expected to decline somewhat from this quarter a year ago.”

Samsung was the largest supplier inside Q3 of 2012, shipping 66.1 million units with a marketplace share of 21.8 %. Apple was next with 45.8m units along with a marketplace share of 15.1 %, with Lenovo inside 3rd area (21.1m units, 7.0 percent). But, Apple “led all providers inside value with a total of $ 34.1 billion inside 3Q12 plus a typical marketing cost (ASP) of $ 744 over all device categories,” states IDC. Samsung’s ASP is $ 434.

Table of device sales by company

HP, inside 4th region, saw shipments fall by 20.5 % to 14m units, as well as its marketplace share fell from 7.4 % inside Q3 last year to four.6 % inside this year’s 3rd quarter. As IDC points out, HP “is almost non-existent inside the mobile space”.

IDC says: “Looking forward, IDC expects the worldwide smart connected device area usually continue to surge effectively past the sturdy christmas quarter plus predicts shipments to surpass 2.1 billion units inside 2016 with a marketplace value of $ 796.7 billion internationally.”

IDC’s figures show development in every product categories, with even desktop PCs growing by 1.2 % (inside units) between 2012 plus 2016. Tablets must grow by the biggest amount (131.2 percent) within the lowest base, in 2016, 2 thirds of smart device sales is smartphones, with 1.4 billion units shipped inside the year.

Table of shipments by kind of device

IDC hasn’t offered a breakdown by running program, nevertheless I think I’m secure inside predicting which most is running Google Android. I’m presuming which Apple may continue to place very excellent profit margins before marketplace share, because it did with PCs, plus end up losing the volume of the marketplace. (Apple can even see sales tumble, really because sales of Macs fell after the release of Windows 95.)

It looks because though IDC is creating the same supposition, considering it says: “The shift inside need within the higher priced PC category to more affordable smartphones plus pills may drive the collective marketplace ASP from $ 534 inside 2011 to $ 378 inside 2016.”

Today, naturally, PCs are not always higher priced. Mainstream Windows laptops are frequently cheaper than Apple iPhones plus iPads, and high-end Samsung phones (including the Galaxy S III) plus pills. However, mass-market Android telephone costs are trending towards $ 100 or less.

It’s not well-defined whether IDC’s device monitoring has much value. The styles are absolutely apparent, plus have been for certain years. The interesting info is whether – plus by how much – device sales are complementary and just how countless are alternatives. The many interesting prediction will be regarding device substitution rates inside different categories.

For illustration, you recognize you are able to drive the lifespan of the desktop PC further today, particularly with Microsoft generating Windows leaner plus better. I therefore anticipate fewer businesses are today substituting all their Windows PCs each 3 years, because they utilized to. But, it makes a big difference whether they are substituting them following, state, 5 years, or not.

Also, whenever might the lifespan of pills plus smartphones extend beyond the active 1-2 years? At several point, smartphone sales can commence to fall, considering everybody whom will afford 1 may absolutely have 1, as well as the wide most of them won’t require substituting. Either method, the smartphone marketplace aren’t capable to develop for over 20 years, like the PC marketplace, considering the sales volumes are only too big.

Finally, when approximately a 3rd of the world’s adult population will purchase at smallest 1 connected device each year, then countless billions will end up being (at best) recycled or inside landfill. This really is going to resemble an increasingly dumb idea inside a globe of quickly diminishing resources.

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