Samsung Galaxy S4 set to disintegrate HTC One before it launches

So you’ve heard regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4, plus you’re excited for the release of the HTC One, yet you’ve realized which we can’t have both. What do we do? We have a peek at a list of potential requirements for the Samsung device, dig a fingernails into a kneecaps inside anticipation of the release of both which as well as the HTC One, plus hold on tight. There’s a chance which among the 2 won’t be inside shops for lengthy.


While we’ve watched the HTC One live plus in-person multiple time before – both at the release plus throughout Mobile World Congress 2013 – there’s anything regarding it which merely doesn’t click. Can you guess exactly what it is? If today’s report from Android Community is right, it’s the camera. However that’s not what you were thinking here – rather which 1 important element was – plus is – the face which the telephone is not going to be out for sale with enough time between its release as well as the release of the Galaxy S4.


There won’t be enough time for the HTC One to grab hold of the public aware for it to be common enough to overcome the allure quite effective Android-toting brand available today: Galaxy. Samsung has done thus perfectly with all the Galaxy brand over the previous several years which the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, plus Galaxy S III have been best-sellers consecutively. And the Galaxy Note line hasn’t been doing too bad itself.

So what does HTC deficiency which Samsung has? What usually douse HTC inside a hot mess called irrelevancy?

Samsung’s advertising cash.

If Samsung will do something appropriate (plus you understand they could do multiple thing right), it’s public advertising found on the element of their mobile equipment. The Samsung brand name is synonymous with cool at this point inside history plus, based about last years’ advertisements as well as the courtroom instances which continue by now, you learn they’re the largest guns up against Apple’s dominance inside the mobile marketplace with all the iPhone as well as the iPad.


If HTC had the support at this point to out-show Samsung with tv advertisement spots plus billboards over the nation, and online banners plus whatnot, might they be geared up plus willing for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 release? I say yes, truly maybe.


So that device if you purchase – the HTC One or the Galaxy S4? I think it all depends about that device you see more appealing. Forget the specification comparisons, forget that device runs the latest variation of Android, forget all which. You’ll see sales follow the brand force. HTC must release the HTC One today, plus plow by the small time they have left before the Galaxy S4 hits the marketplace – or forever hold their un-sold handsets.

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