Samsung Galaxy S IV tipped for May release

While all of us recognize Samsung is preparing their upcoming generation smartphone, now the people from Samsung Lebanon posted to their Facebook Page plus revealed several info — of types. During several conversation the launch date of the future device was brought up, plus was clearly detailed because May of 2013. For those expecting a CES show, sorry to allow you to down. More details are accessible following the cut.


We possibly won’t see it at MWC either because Samsung might hold their own event for the Galaxy S IV particularly, simply because they did with their hot flagship Galaxy S III. They need their own stage, as well as the smartphone rightfully deserves 1. The comment about Facebook was “The Galaxy SIV won’t be introduced before May 2013.” Which not merely confirms the name, and confirms its existence — despite that we understand it’s coming.

Their yearly launch schedule shouldn’t absolutely be a surprise to anybody. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S III about the same April period of time, followed by the same thing with their Galaxy S III. Just like several others, they might release a unique flagship every year about the same time. So this just makes sense plus is not any technique anything very exciting.

“Hello men,

What you mentioned is just trivial because all Galaxy S series are introduced between late April plus Early May, yet there’s no means for anybody to learn the actual launch date :-) ” – Samsung Lebanon

Then following a some blogs went wild with all the information, Samsung’s Facebook page up-to-date with all the comment we see above. Basically stating what all of us thought. That the comment wasn’t trivial plus you must all relax. With which information, we’ll really allow you to go look at the numerous hyperlinks, details, plus leaks under which we’ve gathered about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone. Hopefully you see a some leaks shortly plus may all receive excited.

[via SlashGear]


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