Review: UnoDNS frees we to stream from additional countries

I am composing these lines when hearing to Pandora. If you’re inside the US, this possibly doesn’t sound really exciting. I, nevertheless, am not inside the US–I’m inside Israel, a nation inside that Pandora is not officially supported. I could equally do all types of alternative US-only tips, like observe Hulu, enjoy Netflix movie streaming, plus jam to Rdio plus Spotify. The computers about my house network may take pleasure in the same content, plus I didn’t need to install any software or flash my ADSL router with custom firmware for this to function. This really is all because of innovative $ 5/month (eight-day free trial) service UnoDNS–and before we ask, no, it really is not a VPN.

You see, circumventing geo-restriction is nothing brand-new. For because extended because content has been geographically limited, there has been people determined to receive at which content, whether or not they are inside the “wrong” nation. The usual answer is to employ a VPN, that is a type of the online tunnel the Internet connection goes by. You send your Internet traffic through a VPN host, plus it goes out the different end from a host inside the US, UK, or another nation of the choice. The service you’re speaking to thinks you’re because nation, plus we reach take pleasure in the content.

That sounds like a good answer, in fact, it’s complicated. For starters, many services plus sites are not geo-restricted. If I really like to enjoy 1 or 2 particular websites, why must all of my Internet traffic go by the 3rd party? Not just is this inefficient, yet it could additionally slow elements down. If I have a quick ADSL connection (100Mbps, for example), my VPN provider can become a bottleneck. Everything has to go through which 1 host, that has a difficult time keeping up.

UnoDNS stops functioning when a ISP changes the IP address, however updating it for the hot address takes really 1 click, plus is automated.

UnoDNS gets about this by doing anything amazing–and which is not a word I employ lightly. Instead of forcing your traffic by the VPN host, UnoDNS has we configure custom DNS servers about the computer. This really is a easy procedure which doesn’t need installing any software. In truth, countless routers allow you to configure your DNS servers found on the router itself, that is how I enabled UnoDNS for my whole house network inside 1 fell swoop (Android plus iOS equipment included, because lengthy because they’re about WiFi). This saves we time invested individually configuring every device.

Without getting too technical, when the computer attempts to access another host found on the Internet, it goes from the DNS host. If you utilize UnoDNS because the DNS host, this signifies UnoDNS knows each time the computer attempts to access Pandora, Rdio, or some of the many different supported services. UnoDNS then intercepts simply those particular packets struggling to access the georestricted service, plus sends them from an enabled nation. All of the alternative traffic goes by unfiltered, only because it usually might.

UnoDNS is surgically selective: It doesn’t route all of the Pandora or Hulu traffic by their specialized servers. Instead, UnoDNS knows what components of the correspondence should be routed by American servers, plus routes just those certain components (only a fraction of the total traffic between we as well as the service, usually). Everything else goes from a standard connection, at full speed.

UnoDNS has guides showing ways to use the service about a variety of equipment.

If you’ve ever desired to receive about geographical restrictions plus had to resort to a VPN with its bandwidth caps plus slow speeds, you’ll appreciate how easy plus focused UnoDNS is. It’s the many elegant answer I’ve enjoyed to the issue yet, plus has been functioning well for the some weeks I’ve tried it out thus far. Highly suggested.

Note: The Download switch found on the Product Information page takes we to the vendor’s site, where you are able to utilize this Web-based software.


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