Review: SimpleMind Desktop lets we create appealing notice maps

Here’s a conundrum: On the 1 hand, a notice chart is a effective tool for organizing plus learning complex concepts. On the different hand, certain folks do their right thinking away within the computer. You are able to constantly sketch out a notice chart with a paper plus pen, however, it aren’t convenient to edit. SimpleMind attempts to provide the greatest of both worlds: A 29-Euro (approx. $ 31) desktop adaptation, together with free plus paid ($ 5) Android plus iOS versions for functioning about a notice maps found on the go.

I began with SimpleMind utilizing the Android adaptation, plus I was capable to create a notice chart I was truly happy with proper there about my telephone. SimpleMind’s Android variation allow me protect the notice chart to Dropbox.The Desktop variation is moreover Dropbox-aware, thus I could create changes utilizing my telephone, plus have them show up found on the computer moments later.

The desktop adaptation utilizes a surprisingly synonymous modifying interface to the mobile 1, meaning it keeps details easy. There’s only a single toolbar, plus that you can do many operations without clicking any of its buttons. To create a hot node, really choose an existing 1 plus double-click anywhere besides it. To collapse or edit a node, choose it plus employ the quick-action buttons which pop up about it. The buttons are tiny however, effectively laid out, thus they’re not confusing to utilize. To move a node, click plus drag it; plus to move a node with all its subnodes, click plus hold, then drag. These easy rules of thumb are all you ought to understand to commence attracting notice maps.

Complex notice maps swiftly become perplexing, yet you are able to collapse plus expand nodes because required.

Vendor ModelMaker Tools managed to keep SimpleMind true to its name, avoiding qualities like node tags or complex property sheets. SimpleMind’s simplicity reminded me of another notice mapping tool,
Blumind. This really is completely free, nevertheless is PC-only, without mobile adaptation. Simplicity will additionally become a limitation: If you’re struggling to employ a notice chart because a project administration tool plus assign nodes to project members or utilize those to track deadlines, SimpleMind is not the tool we need–you must rather look to anything like ConceptDraw MindMap.

To ease collaboration, SimpleMind may export plus import Freemind files, nevertheless which signifies we can’t have numerous persons functioning found on the notice chart simultaneously. If find yourself consistently collaborating with others about notice maps, you are greater off utilizing a more flexible online answer including MindMeister.

SimpleMind provides many color themes.

In the finish, SimpleMind’s 1 distinguishing feature is its mobile application help. Should you have to create or show notice maps both about a mobile device along with a computer, SimpleMind is a fantastic answer.

Note: The “Try it for free” switch found on the Product Information page takes we to the vendor’s site, where you are able to employ the newest adaptation of the Web-based software.


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