Review: Roozz rents software inside the cloud

Hulu did it for movie, plus Spotify did it for music. Then Roozz is hoping to do the same thing for software: bring it to the cloud, inside a hosted, pay-as-you-need-it structure. Roozz End User (free) is slickly tailored plus largely simple to use, nevertheless, for today, at minimum, it’s a bit hampered with a limited title selection along with a limited technical glitches.

To employ Roozz, we merely point the browser to The firm states it functions with all accessible browsers; I tested it about IE, Firefox, plus Chrome. You’ll should go to Roozz End User tab (because opposed to Roozz Developers, that is for software providers that wish To lease out their wares). From there, we install a little plugin, plus you can run some of the accessible applications proper inside a browser. You are able to scan Roozz’s list of accessible applications at the website, where they’re neatly indexed by category. Hovering a mouse over the titles shows we a short description of the application, as well as the rental fee when there is 1.

Many of the titles about Roozz are accessible for free, yet several are accessible for rental just. The costs, that are set inside per-day, per-week, or per-year fees, appear affordable. Some titles cost 99 cents for a week, whilst others are lower than $ 4 daily. The many pricey title I saw inside a fast scan was “Senior Profil,” a game demo which cost $ 25 for a three-month rental. Prices are determined by the program publishers, however, Roozz claims it has available input about pricing, because this rental model is somewhat new.

Roozz’s selection is somewhat limited, nevertheless it does include a advantageous amount of titles you’d be greater off renting than purchasing.

Roozz’s selection of titles is a bit limited: As of the writing, the business claims around 160 title. for lease. The firm is planning to expand its catalog, suggesting it expects its collection to reach 300 titles inside 2013 plus “upwards of 1000″ inside 2014.  The active collection involves a complete host of titles I’d not enjoyed or heard about, yet which doesn’t signify it doesn’t include several worthy applications, including titles like Audacity, Irfanview, plus Xmind.

Roozz attributes many apps which fit with its rental model, because they’re the types of applications you might just have to utilize when or twice, thus renting them makes more sense than getting them. For instance, you are able to lease ConvertXtDVD, an application for burning videos to DVDs, for $ 12.38 for a one-week rental period. If you want to purchase the application, it may expense we $ 45. Similarly, Roozz rents Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter for $ 6.61 a day. If you want to purchase the application, that converts PDFs to editable Word documents, you’d need to shell out $ 50.

If not for the Internet browser address bar, you might not learn which we were running software inside the cloud, not about the desktop.

Launching an application from Roozz involves little over double-clicking a title, accepting the EULA, plus paying for the program whenever important. (Payments is performed by PayPal or perhaps a credit card.) In all, the procedure is fast plus convenient, more thus than getting an application plus installing it about the difficult drive. I did encounter 1 technical glitch whenever launching apps, though: Whenever utilizing Internet Explorer about a Windows 7 PC, I was unable to launch a few of the applications. Clicking found on the titles might merely open a empty browser window. However whenever utilizing Chrome about which same computer, the program applications opened without a issue. And whenever tested about Internet Explorer about another Windows 7 PC, the applications worked flawlessly. Roozz claims it is very searching into what might have caused my specific issue, plus notes which when they have watched it before, it’s “very uncommon.”

Overall, utilizing the applications inside my browser window felt no different from running synonymous titles about my desktop. The reaction time was fast, without noticeable lag—a far cry from whenever I initially tested software-as-a-service treatments years ago, whenever titles appeared to run at dial-up-like speeds even over broadband connections.

Roozz has a lot of promise. It’s a bit hampered at the moment by its limited application selection, however which must enhance with time. If it does, as well as the business may eliminate the technical glitches, Roozz may be a software force to be reckoned with.


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