Review: DivX Plus 9 is a handy player plus all-in-one movie tool

DivX Plus Software is a desktop media player. And a movie conversion application. And a Internet browser plug-in. And a codec pack. And a DLNA host for streaming videos to suitable equipment. In brief, there’s not much this free application can’t do with regards to movie, plus it handles almost all of the jobs well.

As a desktop media player, DivX Plus is simple to utilize plus appealing. It attributes a sleek black plus gray shape which looks more contemporary than the orange color scheme of VLC, another prevalent free media player. The shape of DivX Plus is busier, though; where VLC seems to fade right into the background thus we see just the movie you’re viewing, DivX Plus is harder to disregard. A column (collapsible, luckily) over the proper side of the application reminds we to do over really observe the movie, because it sports icons for streaming the movie or moving it to another device. While the icons are big plus create all these jobs look super simple, they were not all very because user-friendly because I’d expected.

DivX Plus’ media player qualities a column with hyperlinks to its several features; thankfully, it’s collapsible to focus found on the movie you’re viewing.

The initial condition happened whenever I tried to stream a movie to a networked Samsung Smart TV. DivX Plus got me began found on the task, leading me by the task of turning sharing about plus identifying that folders I’d like to share, however didn’t supply much extra guidance. I might have liked several notice which the files were really being shared, because I was not capable to see them found on the TV. I was unable to figure out when it was the TV or the program causing the condition.

I had more chance with all the DivX To Go feature, that assists we transfer the videos to DivX equipment. We choose the movie you want to transfer, plus what type of device you want to see it about (including a TV or Blu-ray player). We then decide whether to burn it to a DVD or conserve it to a USB drive, plus DivX Plus handles the transfer for we. The task isn’t super quick, because moving the 22 minute TV show took almost which same amount of time, yet it worked perfectly.

The DivX Plus Converter, that enables you to convert virtually any movie file to DivX, DivX Plus, or MP4 videos, opens individually within the media player. The maker claims movie conversion is about 10 instances quicker inside this newest variation of DivX Plus. I haven’t tested past versions thus I can’t state for certain, nevertheless I could state it worked reasonably instantly.

DivX Plus 9′s Converter makes brief function of converting files between movie formats.

I was additionally impressed by how convenient it was. You are able to drag plus drop a movie file to the application’s primary window, or you are able to browse to obtain the file we desire. We then choose the output profile, plus click Start to start the conversion. Video beginners can be overwhelmed by a few of the output choices, that is perplexing should you focus just found on the file formats. DivX Plus does label them inside plain English (“Plus HD,” “Home Theater” plus “Mobile,” for example) that makes the subtle variations simpler to know.

Overall, DivX Plus is a full-featured movie application that’s (mostly) user friendly.  If all we require is a desktop media player, DivX Plus wouldn’t be my choice: I’d choose VLC rather. However when the movie requires include DLNA streaming plus transferring videos to different equipment, DivX Plus is for we.


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