Rdio update brings modern interface

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Rdio consumers about Android have anything very exciting waiting for them over found on the Google Play Store. The music streaming application has been provided a new update, plus though this update brings a limited new attributes with it, the most significant is a revamped interface. This redesign brings a cleaner feel to the entire application, plus glancing over the screenshots under, you need to state it looks very advantageous.

But this overhauled UI isn’t really about looks – it’s additionally about functionality. The people at Rdio have added a unique slide out navigation menu to access from anywhere inside the application. Simply slide a finger to the proper to find the menu, that is where you are able to check the albums which have enjoyed Heavy Rotation by the community, take a look at the best charts plus modern releases, or access a collection plus playlists.

While the brand-new UI looks good, there’s additionally another big addition with this update: a unified player. Then you are able to sync the queue over a computer plus mobile equipment, to have queue along with you where ever we go. You are able to even sync tunes inside progress, meaning you are able to pause a track about a computer plus choose up appropriate where we left off about a mobile device. That’s absolutely an awesome feature, plus we’re guessing Rdio customers will like it a lot.

The update is accessible today found on the Google Play Store [download link], to receive this redesigned interface proper this minute. If you’ve never used Rdio before plus we think we would like to provide it a angle, be warned it costs $ 10 a month to register. The upside to this subscription fee is the fact that we reach stream music without hearing an advertisements, thus keep which in your mind. Are any of we Rdio customers?

[via SlashGear]

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