Qualcomm Atheros makes 2 802.11ac solutions official – WCN3680 plus QCA986x

Way back at MWC you saw Qualcomm Atheros demonstrating single spatial stream 802.11ac about a MSM8960 MDP, where it was pushing 230 Mbps to a nearby 802.11ac router. I talked regarding the WCN that functions inside combination with all the WLAN PHY onboard the MSM8960 SoC, however got the piece amount incorrect apparently (I mentioned it was WCN3860). Qualcomm Atheros is today creating that element official, plus it’s the WCN3680, a single spatial stream 802.11ac plus BT four.0 combo answer which functions inside combination with either MSM8960 or the quad core APQ8064 Krait SoCs. 

Back then, I suspected which WCN3680 may not be implementing 256QAM (that is an optional 802.11ac feature), based found on the 230 Mbps transfer rate you saw plus speak of the being Airgo IP. The announcement states which WCN3680 is capable of the full 433 Mbps single spatial stream PHY rate, that corresponds to MCS-9, and therefore involves 256QAM help. The announcement goes about to note which end consumer output is about 210 Mbps, that is much closer to what you saw at the MWC demo, that is a small confusing. Either means, mobile 802.11ac is almost on you, because Qualcomm Atheros as well as the additional combo chip players continue to trickle out announcements. This answer for MSM8960/APQ8064 again utilizes the on-SoC baseband for WLAN, WCN3680 is the fact that outside RF that allows it. This really is approximately analogous to how the cellular baseband condition functions – we employ the about SoC baseband plus exterior RF. 

The alternative announcement is Qualcomm Atheros’ beefier 802.11ac answer that I’ve been waiting to hear about. This really is the QCA986x family, that does 802.11ac plus BT four.0 answer over PCIe, that comes inside a 2 or 3 stream variant (QCA9862 plus QCA9860, respectively) with full MCS-9 help (either 867 Mbps for 2 stream or 1.3 Gbps for 3 stream). This really is a PCIe answer that will definitely create its technique into notebooks plus additional desktop platforms. Both QCA986x plus WCN3680 are sampling. 

Source: QCA



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