Onyx International EINK Android smartphone prototype emerges

ARM Devices showed off the upcoming Onyx International EINK smartphone with an e-ink show about Tuesday inside a movie posted about YouTube. Yes, we read which appropriate. A smartphone with an e-ink show, the same type chosen by non-tablet ebook visitors. Its right feature is moreover potentially its worst feature: the e-ink screen, that enables the show to be noticeable inside direct sunshine when achieving a power lifetime of 1 week.

The EINK attributes a super light rectangular body, weighing inside at lower than 100 grams. In the movie, the power existence is reported because durable 1 month, however according to ARM Devices, it is closer to 1 week. Inside you’ll find an ARM Cortex-A5 processor. There’s a SIM card slot found on the side, plus what looks like a mini-USB port.

The EINK runs a variation of Android which has been optimized for e-ink displays thus which less screen refreshes are necessary inside purchase to access information found on the telephone. While the authentic e-ink equipment introduced a several years ago featured unbearably slow refresh rates, the EINK has a good refresh rate. There were a limited occasions the telephone appeared to hang, plus many times where the screen had to be tapped 2 or even more occasions.

While the EINK device might create a good e-book reader, it’s skeptical it usually discover any type of common lucrative because a smartphone. The average smartphone consumer might swiftly become frustrated with all the slow speed where the telephone is browsed, having been spoiled plus whatnot by present smartphone products. The lack of color, movie, plus merely regarding everything which makes smartphones awesome is possibly a deal breaker for many.

[via ARM Devices]


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