MIT’s unique food packaging coating ends violent ketchup bottle shaking

Nearly clear condiment bottles

Researchers at MIT have developed LiquiGlide, a modern surface which usually add lubrication to containers to create wider food substances flow out conveniently.

We’ve all been there. We receive a bottle of Heinz ketchup from a cupboard or inside a restaurant willing to dress up those fresh-cut fries. If you open it up, still, the bottle is almost completed plus you must keep tapping the throat of the container to receive the last pieces to flow out. That, or you are able to keep shaking plus pray the ketchup won’t end up everywhere. Yes it’s painful plus annoying, yet we can’t aid change the consistency of ketchup considering that’d merely be a gross answer. The squeezable plastic bottles furthermore function, yet towards the finish they really splatter about a lot.

Instead, reseachers from Varanasi Research Group gathered up at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology labs to develop LiquiGlide, a non-stick coating for food packaging which will help substances flow from the containers more seamlessly. Considering the thick consistency of condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, plus mustard, the modern method to create food packaging simpler for those substances to glide out could actually have an impact about diners, diners, plus quick food stores and just how much they will protect.

“It’s funny: Everyone is constantly like, ‘Why bottles? What’s the fuss?’ However then we tell them the marketplace for bottles–just the sauces alone is a $ 17 billion marketplace,” MIT Ph.D prospect plus among the members of the LiquiGlide project Dave Smith tells Fast Co.Exist. “And when those bottles had the coating, you estimate which you may conserve regarding 1 million tons of food from being tossed out each year.”

The LiquiGlide surface is developed to have a liquid-like lubrication to create condiments merely flow, yet keep the rigid outdoor to keep the substance securely inside. The coating could furthermore be used to surfaces like plastic plus glass with a spray coverage. LiquiGlide has been patented because it’s prototype launch as well as the team state it’s made of FDA-approved components not to tamper with food protection. All that’s left is advertising to main bottle production businesses thus together, they may end food waste plus annoying, violent shakes to receive the last pieces of condiments out. Naturally, this might signify Smith will need to demonstrate a great deal of conventional bottle pounding to confirm to businesses how his product will create existence simpler.

“It was not truly a individual pain point for me, however, I do detest trying to receive sauce from the bottles,” Smith claims.

With LiquiGlide lately winning the 2nd region title inside last week’s MIT’s $ 100k Entrepreneurship Competition, it’s no surprise the development will be a hit amidst customers. The prototype equally took house the fan-favorite honor despite not winning the entire competition.

For reference, observe the 2 videos under to find the difference between a conventional bottle along with a LiquiGlide-coated bottle utilizing the same ketchup.



Mindblowing. Does this create anybody crave a burger or perhaps a hot dog today?

Image Credit: Flickr / Steve A. Johnson

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