Minube: Plan The Next Trip Based about Recs From Seasoned Travelers

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Minube: Plan The Next Trip Based about Recs From Seasoned TravelersGoing about a trip? Croatia? Sounds good. No have to worry regarding the itinerary, merely bank about recommendations based found on the experiences by persons whom have been there utilizing Minube’s Android application.

What does it do?

Tells we what to find, where to consume, where to go, plus where to remain, plus offers we user-generated photos of the places you’ll see about the future trek.

Why do you like it?

Because it’s like Yelp for travel which functions for destinations all over the planet, created by over half a million consumers. Who better to tell we what to find than the seasoned tourist who’ve absolutely braved the spot you’re headed? Add the picks to a “saved” page, or when you’re lazy, you are able to pull from set lists like “What to See inside Paris inside Three Days,” or “The Best Tapas inside Barcelona,” plus merely follow those guides. Then we really need to file which holiday request.


Download this application for:

  • Android, Free

The Best:

Pre-set itineraries

The Worst:

The unknown

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