Microsoft testing Outlook for Windows RT, sources say

Rumor has it which Microsoft is testing a completed adaptation of the e-mail customer Outlook for Windows RT, that currently just provides the ultra-basic Mail customer. This info originates from the people over at CNET, that state which 3 sources with knowledge of the condition have confirmed the existence of Outlook RT. The drawback? According to 2 of the sources, Microsoft will not result in the customer accessible to customers.


The cause? According to the sources, there’s an continuous debate inside Microsoft regarding whether Outlook RT must exist, or when the existing Mail customer is enough. It appears odd for Microsoft to not provide the customer, because it provides an RT Office suite, that has nearly all of the applications 1 might anticipate – except Outlook. Variety of choice is usually a superior thing.

It’s mentioned which certain in Microsoft think the existing Mail application ought to be left as-is plus renamed to Outlook. Other are mentioned to be inside favor of releasing Outlook RT for customers to nab when they desire it, whilst finally there are those that don’t think carrying this out might automatically be inside the company’s ideal interest.

Of course, the data originates from unidentified sources, plus as a result, it can be wrong or just show piece of the story. Microsoft hasn’t offered any official statements found on the rumors, plus except the customer becomes fact, you might not learn when it ever existed. If you’re a Surface owner, might we like to find Outlook RT, or is Mail sufficient? Let us learn inside the comments!

[via CNET]


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