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Jun 4th

Google Wallet application for Android down, ‘cannot contact bank’

Google Wallet outage

If you’re planning about utilizing a NFC-equipped telephone plus Google Wallet to create certain purchases this afternoon, you’re going to be sorely dissatisfied to hear which the service is down. We’ve confirmed about 2 different units which the application is unable to retrieve the funds accessible found on the prepaid Google debit card. The application nevertheless enables consumers to signal inside, however whenever we attempt to see the prepaid card you’re told which the balance is “unavailable” plus which the application “cannot contact bank.” Additionally, consumers with suitable Citi MasterCards are equally experiencing issues — you were unable to connect a card with all the application — plus it’s currently impossible to incorporate funds to the prepaid card. We’ve reached out to Google for comment found on the problem, plus we’ll…

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Smartphone-controlled Aquabotix Hydroview sub today about sale for $ 3,995

Aquabotix HydroView

Aquabotix’s Hydroview is a tiny submarine you are able to control by tilting a smartphone or pill, plus today it’s finally accessible to buy. It’s tailored for doing certain underwater exploring remotely, because it’s built with a camera which will capture 1080p HD movie plus pictures of the depths under the surface plus wirelessly transfer those to the telephone, pill, or computer. It even has LEDs to snap footage of darker regions. The sub looks mostly the same because whenever we initially saw it last year, weighing inside at 9 pounds plus loaded with a power which lasts just 2 hours. The cost has jumped, nevertheless, plus might today expense we $ 3,995. You are able to see a test movie under, though unluckily the team states it was taken utilizing an elder prototype…

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Siri for iPad plus Mountain Lion’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ switch rumored about iOS 6


We’re gradually seeing more rumors regarding iOS 6, plus whilst this unique batch isn’t mind-blowing, a few of them can be helpful. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple may be delivering the full Siri voice-based assistant to iPads. “Trusted sources” have apparently mentioned which Siri has been tested about both the brand-new iPad as well as the iPad 2, though it could just be supported for the new model. It’s rumored to be a pop-up window which wouldn’t dominate the greater screen of the iPad. The mockup above is based about these sources’ info, thus when the feature is coming, it will look a bit different.

If you’ve chosen a latest variation of Apple’s Mountain Lion Developer Preview, you might have observed the “Do Not Disturb” switch, that prevents…

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Nintendo 3DS XL with four.3-inch 3D tipped for E3 reveal

Nintendo is reportedly readying an oversized adaptation of the 3DS glasses-free 3D handheld, possibly the Nintendo 3DS XL, with a bigger show for release at E3 2012 this week. The fresh variation, thus Japanese paper Nikkei claims, usually utilize a four.3-inch show instead of the 3.53-inch panel of the existing model.

Specifications beyond which are unclear, plus it’s not certain whether Nintendo is changing any additional requirements of the 3DS bar screen size. It’s furthermore unstated because to whether both top plus bottom screens is upscaled, or when just the stereoscopic 3D panel is boosted.

Nintendo has a track-record of supersizing its gaming handhelds, with all the Nintendo DSi XL being a scaled-up iteration of the authentic DSi. The Japanese organization billed it because perfect for elder players keen to receive concerned inside the “brain-training” titles fashionable at the time.

The information will be just piece of Nintendo’s E3 announcements this week. Over the weekend, Nintendo revealed a slight redesign of the Wii U pill, together with a hot Wii U Pro Controller as well as the social network Miiverse.

[via Geek; via Andriasang]

Nintendo 3DS XL with four.3-inch 3D tipped for E3 reveal is created by Chris Davies & initially posted about SlashGear.
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Microsoft guarantees a ‘sneak peek’ at the future of Windows Phone about June 20th

Windows Phone developer summit invite

Microsoft earlier announced its Windows Phone Developer Summit early last month, however, the organization didn’t present what it was planning to show. We received an up-to-date invitation now which hints Windows Phone 8 may be found on the schedule. “A sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone” is guaranteed inside the newest invite for the June 20th event. While there’s no direct mention of Windows Phone 8, we’ve heard from the own sources which this event may introduce programmers to brand-new techniques of creating apps for the fresh Windows 8-based kernel of Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 is expected to include improved hardware help for multi-core processors, 4 screen resolutions, plus NFC radio help with a contact-less “wallet experience.” Microsoft…

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Microsoft fixes Windows flaw exploited by Flame

Microsoft has issued a safety alert plus an emergency update over the weekend which fixes a severe flaw inside Windows which was exploited by the Flame malware attack last month. Flame was huge plus sophisticated however fortunately a targeted attack. But, the same way can be exploited inside a less sophisticated implementation for a more popular attack.

In researching the techniques selected by the Flame virus, Microsoft noticed which the attack exploited Window’s Terminal Server Licensing Service, that utilizes an elder cryptography algorithm. It enabled components of the malware to be finalized by certificates which prepared them appear to be yielded by Microsoft.

Microsoft is resolving the problem by issuing an update which blocks software finalized by these unauthorized certificates as well as the business is additionally terminating its Terminal Server Licensing Service from issuing any modern certificates. For more details found on the update, you are able to see Microsoft’s security advisory page.

Microsoft fixes Windows flaw exploited by Flame is created by Rue Liu & initially posted about SlashGear.
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The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s coming-of-age

Samsung’s Galaxy S III will market extremely effectively inside the US, there’s definitely regarding which, however what’s impressive is the actual telephone – not phones – which is setting those records. The Korean firm has earlier watched its US releases hamstrung by every carrier demanding a specially-crafted variation of whatever device is upcoming found on the roadmap, a time-wasting procedure that’s of arguably small benefit to end-users. The five US carrier launch of the Galaxy S III, though, sees all which change. One shape, 1 name, another notch about Samsung’s rise inside the smartphone company.

In Europe, where standardization about GSM has guaranteed wide cross-network compatibility plus kept competition fierce, carriers aren’t thus worried with pushing out custom variants. Yes, there’ll frequently be certain standard software tweaking – usually slotted into region amidst the required network testing they’re obligated to do anyway – at 1 point certain networks were inside the habit of silk-screening their logos onto power covers, till the time included as well as the complaints from members forced which from fashion. But what we don’t receive is the all-out hardware plus software changes which US carriers have thus far been demanding.

So, whilst European networks have just been eager to receive the Galaxy S III – merely like the S II plus S before it – to the marketplace because shortly because Samsung’s supply chain makes potential, past iterations of the telephone have been held up for the US marketplace by needless differentiation. AT&T wants a different front-panel switch design, maybe, or T-Mobile insists about a somewhat remolded casing.

The Galaxy S III, though, changes all which. Sure, there’ll be different versions for CDMA plus GSM carriers – that’s a marketplace inevitability – nevertheless there won’t function as the continued dilution of branding which operator customization produces. The Galaxy S III about Verizon might, bar a logo, look really like the Galaxy S III about AT&T.

“It’s taken Samsung 3 decades of flagship to achieve it”

It’s taken Samsung 3 decades of S-Series flagship to achieve which. The authentic Galaxy S demonstrated which the firm had been a top-tier player inside the smartphone industry; the Galaxy S II showed which not merely which, it may take on Apple’s iPhone inside terms of sales plus performance. The Galaxy S III arrives to a marketplace that’s inside definitely of its possible.

Samsung has been effectively criticized for the arguably scattershot approach to handsets. Whereas Apple has merely 3 variants – 3GS, 4 plus 4S – it’s been pointed out, Samsung has many of different equipment. Create no mistake, though, there’s a globe of difference between creating umpteen models with minor variations for the sake of the roadmap program, plus fashioning many interpretations of the same device to keep carrier buyers sweet.

That Samsung has mass-market appeal isn’t hot. That its appeal is today sturdy enough to out-sway individual carriers plus their eagerness for “unique” models is a considerable change. Whether the Galaxy S III is competitive spec-for-spec with all the future iPhone 5 remains to be enjoyed, yet Samsung has demonstrated it has the industry self-confidence to challenge Apple at the best table.

The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s coming-of-age is created by Chris Davies & initially posted about SlashGear.
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Computex, day one: the look for the most perfect Windows 8 shape factor

asus taichi

Day 1 of Computex Taipei is over, as well as the largest information has been the extensive lineup of Windows 8 machines from regional heroes Asus plus Acer. It’s a dizzying range of equipment which you don’t mind admitting has been over a small tough to keep track of, plus whilst many of them are impressive a glaring query remains — what will become the easiest way to have Windows 8?

it seems which Acer plus Asus are pondering the same issue

Microsoft’s newest OS leads a double existence. The sleek, touch-friendly shape of Metro is ideal for pills, however untested for efficiency — the conventional desktop remains bubbling below the surface, prepared to crank out a spreadsheet at the drop of the hat. A touch-only pill may not cut it, then, with…

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Internet Explorer heading to Xbox 360 inside fall

Microsoft has only confirmed which they is delivering Internet Explorer to the Xbox 360 sometime this fall. The firm has been full of announcements now because of its hit event at E3 2012, where it’s been telling all types of unique Kinect, Xbox, plus Windows 8 integrations from the modern SmartGlass feature.

Unlike additional tries at delivering web browsing to TV screens, like with rival Nintendo’s Wii plus Google TV, Microsoft believes which its providing might beat the competition because of its Kinect voice plus motion control and also integration with smartphones, pills, plus PCs from its fresh SmartGlass feature.

Xbox consumers can surf the internet from Internet Explorer, that will be situated inside the Webhub section. You’ll be capable to conveniently navigate the screen, including pinching to zoom and also scrolling by utilizing the preferred smartphone to control the screen from SmartGlass. This might create typing inside URLs plus different browsing escapades more advantageous plus doesn’t need any extra remotes or hardware inside addition to what many folks absolutely have.

[via TechCrunch]

Internet Explorer heading to Xbox 360 inside fall is created by Rue Liu & initially posted about SlashGear.
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Nyko unveils PlayPad Android gaming controllers to be introduced this fall

Nyko PlayPad Android

Gaming accessory stalwart Nyko has announced a pair of Android controllers which promise to bring “console-quality gaming experiences” to pills plus smartphones running Google’s mobile running program. PlayPad Pro (featuring a conventional full-sized controller layout) as well as the PlayPad mini controller were developed inside combination with Nvidia, a move intended to maximize help inside games optimized for Tegra chipsets. Does which mean you’ll just be capable to utilize the peripherals with Nvidia-powered hardware? Not by any stretch. Nyko states it plans to release an application dubbed “Playground” which might allow players assign controller functions to legacy titles which usually rely about input from a touchscreen or online keyboard.

Each model qualities…

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Xbox SmartGlass official because second-screen feature

At this year’s E3 convention, Microsoft revealed Xbox SmartGlass, a feature which allows Xbox 360 consumers to see content about numerous equipment at when. This feature allows we to see a film about a pill then drive it to a bigger screen whilst the pill continues to supply interesting content associated to the film you’ve forced. This technologies is not unheard of, groups like Qualcomm showing it off at CES 2012 with AllJoyn, however, this iteration is based entirely inside the Microsoft planet.

This technologies is using the iPad, iPhone, plus Windows 8 pills plus Windows Phone equipment of all types. SmartGlass is delivering we the internet with Internet Explorer – plus not should multimedia is included, games are here too. SmartGlass might connect we to in-game content like sports plays plus stock depending found on the game you’re playing plus may open a complete brand-new avenue for consumer interaction for future games.

For movie you’ll have not just access to film details plus easy products like which, you’ll have goods like a “live map” of Game of Thrones as well as the ability to control that side of the action you’re about. This service has been called “the internet changed for TV” by Microsoft plus is unleashed inside the upcoming year – remain tuned!

Xbox SmartGlass official because second-screen feature is created by Chris Burns & initially posted about SlashGear.
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Men inside Black III IMAX 3D Movie Review

When you talked with Ken Ralston plus Jay Redd of Imageworks, they described this film only because it was: a assortment of plausible alternate realities. It is at this point inside the Men inside Black series which they’re capable to take for granted the truth that many of their audience might have enjoyed a past payment, Men inside Black I or II, plus may move forward with all the characters to explore modern non-origin adventures. This Men inside Black takes everything positive within the initial 2 movies plus hits a house run with not only a fabulous fresh story, however, beautiful visuals along with a assortment of engaging characters also.

If we go for this movie for no different cause than to find Jemaine Clement play the antagonist Boris The Animal, you’ll not be dissatisfied. This fellow is 1 half of the New Zealand rock comedy group Flight of the Conchords plus has completed his fair share of voice performing about everything from Rio to The Simpsons plus was indeed element of the TV sketch comedy miniseries. Somewhere inside there he became a great character / creature actor too, because truly the only alternative individual inside the movie that’s more engaging is, because expected, Will Smith’s Agent J. Expect to be wowed by Clement’s portail of the morphing murderous monster which lets his certainly odd affinity for dark humor shine by without effort.

Boris the Animal is however 1 of the host of hot aliens that are the bread plus butter of the series, this 3rd payment inside the Men inside Black franchise being no exception to the direction. While there are many “filler” aliens popping up inside scenes like the fish restaurant so they could conveniently be blasted to pieces without too much regret, this movie has certain certainly superb monster film magic going about. Keep a eyes out for an ever-spookier Boris the Animal, a moose-sized koi fish, as well as the return of the Worm Guys – that every film appear to be getting almost real-looking, depending about the way you see it.

You’ll receive a fair share of reveals about this fact where celebrities including Richard Branson (see in the event you may spot him!) appear because hinted aliens. You’ll discover oneself again immersed inside the well legitimate possibility which everyone plus anybody might possibly be an alien with regards right down to it. You’ll dive deep into the idea which Josh Brolin is truly, really, a young adaptation of Tommy Lee Jones.

Each of these aspects you are doing, plus when you’re doing them, you are having a fantastic time. One top of everything being interesting enough to engage a complete hot generation of Men inside Black fans, this movie is created to treat those who’ve watched each movie therefore far to certain graphic plus ecological candy. If you’re a Men inside Black fanboy, you’ll have plenty to find inside the background, plus over enough to help involved enough to like to see more whenever the movie is over.

What you heard from Ken Ralston plus Jay Redd, 2 of the heads of the graphic effects shots you see throughout the movie with their firm Imageworks, was which this became a movie with an “onion” of fact, meaning which it’s “peeled back” because every scene unfolds. As we move by the movie we understand which not just are the places plus occasions the seeing not very exactly exact compared to the own fact, however this idea is a story device also. Michael Stuhlbarg plays Griffin, a time-aware varieties of humanoid whom reminds we many instances throughout the movie which he is aware of many results for every moment’s occasions. Notice the butterfly flying about inside at smallest a couple of scenes plus see in the event you may choose up the easy symbolism.


If we just see the movie for 1 scene, allow it become the scene which you’ve enjoyed previews of inside the trailers for this movie – the 1 where Agent J does his initially Time Jump. And allow it be 3D IMAX also. There’s nothing very like seeing Will Smith plummet off the Crysler Building 66 stories by years of occasions that eventually have him landing inside 1969 – plus you’ll not guess where he lands.

This scene takes the 3D plus gigantism of the IMAX theatre to a level where you’ll be happy we payed the additional some bucks to have it. The third dimension is not important for this movie with regards right down to it, yet it did add a amount of great to the experience plus, because it’s imply to, created me grateful I had the chance to find the movie inside the theatre. That said, this movie usually have a great deal of staying force for the house theatre too, whether or not which is simply a 14-inch tv you’ve got inside the corner.


Men inside Black continues to impress with all the easy effects/comedy formula which worked out well inside the initial payment. This film does have a bit of time travel because, again, was very apparent inside the trailers introduced up till the film’s launch, however this really is largely only to let you to satisfy the Brolin adaptation of Tommy Lee Jones… I mean Agent K – plus he does such a fabulous job at portraying K’s absolutely cemented character (with a twist) which you’ll need to remind oneself which this might be really Brolin, not a young Jones.

This movie takes the awesome abilities of the effects industry (especially Imageworks here) plus really tunes back to a degree which may have we forgetting which this franchise was built found on the idea which we’d reach see incredible beings of all types. This really is the happy form of Science Fiction where even the murderous villains create jokes plus unusual beings of all types are lurking about inside a globe that’s expected to be really because plain because the 1 we’re living inside. This set of ingredients has this movie produced really entertaining for viewers of all ages – merely thus lengthy because they’re aged enough to not have nightmares regarding the terrifying concept of the beast which is Boris.

NOTE: Don’t be too dissatisfied whenever we don’t see Flaco (within the trailer above) inside the final cut of the movie, because he’s just not which necessary. You’ll receive a lot of 3D aliens inside his region.

Men inside Black III IMAX 3D Movie Review is created by Chris Burns & initially posted about SlashGear.
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Ford unveils 2013 F-150 with MyFord Touch

Ford has up-to-date its prevalent F-150 for 2013, adding several modern enlargement choices, including its MyFord Touch program for voice, steering-wheel, plus LCD touchscreen controls. The company’s top-selling pick-up truck is equally getting several minor outdoor tweaks, including a unique grill shape plus HID headlamps.

The unique MyFord Touch program for the F-150 appears to be somewhat tweaked for simpler employ even with function gloves about. It provides more difficult buttons rather of touchscreen buttons to create standard controls, including climate, amount, plus track controls simpler to reach. The program is just accessible found on the Lariat, Platinum, King Ranch, as well as the new Limited trims.

Additionally, all F-150s at the XLT trim level plus above receive SYNC, a Bluetooth-driven voice control program for telephone plus sound. Other unique choices include 18-inch plus 20-inch wheel options, power-telescoping steering wheel, power-folding trailer-view mirros, a fresh Alcantara seat trim about several FX versions, plus HID headlamps. Pricing isn’t accessible yet, yet the modern F-150s are expected to go about sale inside late summer.

[via CarConnection]

Ford unveils 2013 F-150 with MyFord Touch is created by Rue Liu & initially posted about SlashGear.
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Xbox SmartGlass comes to Windows 8 pills plus PCs


Microsoft has simply unveiled SmartGlass, permitting we to utilize a telephone or pill to control content about a Xbox plus receive bonus content about which 2nd show, yet the firm kept mum about its interaction with Windows 8 till only a minute ago. Microsoft has today revealed which, because expected, the feature usually function with Windows 8 pills plus PCs. The organization additionally teased cross-play between PCs plus consoles. It’s superior information for PC owners — we aren’t forced to purchase into a Windows Phone or perhaps a pill utilizing Windows 8 to receive inside found on the bonus interactivity available from SmartGlass, we only have to upgrade your PC to the hot OS. You’ll also be able to employ the feature like Apple AirPlay or DLNA plus drive content you’re viewing about a pill or PC…

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Internet Explorer for Xbox arriving this fall, involves Kinect plus SmartGlass controls


Microsoft has been testing a modified adaptation of its Internet Explorer browser about Xbox 360, as well as the organization unveiled its newest function at E3 2012 now — Internet Explorer for Xbox. Built into a internet hub of the Xbox 360, Internet Explorer functions from Microsoft’s SmartGlass service (utilizing third-party devices) to enable Xbox owners to surf the entire of the net.

Microsoft believes keyboards don’t belong inside the living space for browsers thus it’s equally supporting Kinect voice plus gesture controls with Internet Explorer about Xbox. There’s no word about whether Adobe Flash is supported, nevertheless Internet Explorer for Xbox is accessible this fall for all Xbox 360 owners.

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Qualcomm Uplinq 2012 registration open: Join you June 27 plus 28!

It’s which time of the year again, time for Qualcomm to ask programmers of all types to their annual primary event: Uplinq 2012! This year’s event is certain to have several fabulous presentations from excellent speakers delivering not only big inspirations to the developer globe, yet presentations of next-level Snapdragon development plus more from Qualcomm also. We’ll be at these occasions delivering we everything you ought to understand found on the future of Qualcomm because the event unfolds – plus what’s more, we’re welcoming we to join you!

This year inside planning for Qualcomm’s developer meeting Uplinq 2012, we’re teaming up with Qualcomm to provide away 1 free pass to a fortunate reader in addition to provide all visitors a 30% discount about pay passes! To gain access to the event you’re absolutely going to want a pass to receive past the front door, thus join inside the fun plus win 1 here today! All you’ll need to do is allow you understand why you need to attend this year’s Qualcomm Uplinq inside fashion!

This certain giveaway has you providing we 1 free pass to receive into Qualcomm’s Uplinq 2012 – it refuses to include any travel or hotel fees. You’ll be paying a method for everything yet the front door – yet when you’re inside the door, the developer globe is yours! Speak with industry experts, see Qualcomm presentations galore, plus receive inside found on the ground level where the developer future is produced!

To grab a free pass of the own, really follow these easy instructions:

1. Head to SlashGear’s Facebook page at plus “like” you.

2. Head to [this Facebook post specifically] plus post the cause why YOU like to head to Uplinq 2012 for free!

3. That’s it! A winner is selected at random from the favorite entries plus the winner is approached about June 11th!

Once we’ve got the winner approached plus we’ve confirmed which they’re qualified plus all is perfectly, they’ll be announced here about this authentic “SlashGear’s Qualcomm Uplinq Conference Giveaway!” post – plus no sooner! Next in the event you weren’t the fortunate winner about this post, you are able to constantly receive a huge 30% off a pass cost with this easy code: UB2012 – easy stuff!

Feel free to adhere to @Qualcomm about Twitter plus [our own Qualcomm Uplinq portal] all event lengthy too!

Have a peek at the full rules plus laws below:

Giveaway starts June 4th plus ends June 11th, 12:01AM PST barring any problems acquiring the winners. Both winner is announced when we’ve contacted plus confirmed them here inside the principal information feed at the official Facebook/Google+ pages.

Giveaway is available to residents of the US only, over age of 18. One entry per individual. Family members of Qualcomm, plus SlashGear/Android Community are not permitted to enter. Competition entries are just accepted through the specified SlashGear Facebook page; entries left inside the comments section of the or any additional post are not known.

The winner is approached by an Android Community/SlashGear staff associate on being chosen plus is expected to answer to this staff member; they is expected to answer inside 24 hours else their prize can be forfeit plus another winner chosen. Editors choice is final plus no correspondence is entered into. Winners agree which their name plus details of their entry can be selected for marketing reasons by, however, not limited to Qualcomm, SlashGear, plus Android Community.

Qualcomm Uplinq 2012 registration open: Join you June 27 plus 28! is created by Chris Burns & initially posted about SlashGear.
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