Lenovo Yoga 13 First Impressions


I’m a little behind the curve about reviewing the Lenovo Yoga 13 yet provided the amount of interest which we’ve had found on the Yoga 13 over the last year (yes it was a year ago I had my initially hands-on) it’s value spending certain time about a detailed review. Before which though, here’s my initially impressions following 4-5 days use.

You’ll find the Lenovo Yoga 13 unboxing here.

I’ve been utilizing the Yoga 13 this week because I report about CES. Not at the show inside Las Vegas however from my desk. The Yoga has been 1 of my desktop PCs (the additional was another Ultrabook) yet it’s the Yoga that’s been the keyboard. (Via Synergy I’ve been utilizing it because the keyboard for the different Ultrabook too.) So that’s the keyboard covered then. It’s superior, yet doesn’t have backlighting. The mousepad is, effectively, OK. I’ve got a USB mouse connected here because I’m moving over 3 screens nevertheless the mousepad appears OK for one-screen utilize.

I love the IPS screen (imperative about a device which is utilized inside pill mode) however it’s a small yellowish plus not really bright. Where I may be functioning at 40% brightness about another Ultrabook I’m running the backlight at over 75% here. However, because lengthy because we don’t want outside use as well as the power existence doesn’t suffer, it’s OK. 1600×900 resolution ought to be a minimal about 13-inch Ultrabooks – it’s the most perfect balance here plus combined with all the IPS makes my Toshiba Z830 resemble it’s running inside a non-native resolution. Yuck to the Z830, thumbs-up to the Yoga 13.

Something which usually rings alert bells is continuous enthusiast. It’s not potential to receive this Core i7 program quiet even secured at 800Mhz that isn’t thus bad because the enthusiast sound is a fairly low ignorable sound nevertheless it informs me which elements require cooling inside. I’ve enjoyed Lenovo tuning for cooler equipment before thus possibly, like about additional Lenovo Ultrabooks, you’ll receive more from Turbo about this.

Port selection is a small week. One USB2.0, One USB3.0, full SD slot, combo headset port plus full HDMI are all we receive besides the fact that there looks to be room for another USB port.

Let’s speak regarding this 1.5KG pill then….or did I state enough already? Not just is the Yoga 13 too big to be a pill for me, it’s too thick. Combine heavy plus big plus we receive a big wrist stress. The Yoga 13 is even clumsy found on the lap or stomach because a pill plus I’ve seldom had the screen past 180 levels except I’m doing ‘that demo.’ I could just agree with alternative reviewers which state it’s a wise computer yet a bad pill. Without a digitiser I can’t even suggest table-top utilize for annotations. OK, Fruit Ninja is fun plus I like to test Civilization, particularly because it was optimised for Ultrabooks plus has touch help built in today.

The speakers are good!

I haven’t been capable to test power lifetime because I’ve been hooked about the mains when I’ve been covering CES. (Really, i’ve created regarding 12 articles inside the last 48 hours found on the Yoga 13) however, whenever I’ve had it inside power mode I receive the sensation it’s got a synonymous amount of efficiency because the Lenovo Twist. That wasn’t the many effective Ultrabook about however at minimum the Yoga has a strong 54Wh of power ability. 6hrs of browsing looks potential though this Core i7 will hit 3.0Ghz thus there’s possible, specifically inside games, to absolutely receive certain vitality flowing from which power!

In a Cinebench 11.5 test I got a superior score of 2.26 plus saw the CPU clockrate hang inside at 2.8Ghz for much of the test that is a wise signal.

On WiFi plus Bluetooth it feels above average though less superior because the Lenovo Twist that has a Centrino WiFi/BT4.0 component. There’s a Realtek component about this 1 that may be why I may receive BT4.0 image transfer functioning from my Nokia 808. (Update: It’s functioning today.) I personally like the Centrino modules because extended because there’s a superior antenna shape.

The Lenovo Yoga 13 appears, following only a some days testing, to be a wise functioning computer which has a gimmicky convertible mode. Really, I think the Twist is a better convertible however because past there’s another Yoga to keep an eye out for The Yoga 11S with all the low-power Core is coming out inside March plus which can be a better convertible product. It looks like Lenovo had the proper shape nevertheless couldn’t receive it little enough with a 17W CU inside.

Feel free to ask issues under. I’m covering CES thus it’s a bit crazy this week nevertheless i’ll check back here frequently.

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