Lenovo Acknowledges U310/U410 WiFi Issues, Still Appears to be Selling Faulty Units

Back found on the 8th of August you talked regarding a WiFi matter with the Lenovo U310 Ultrabook. The range plus speed were not as much as par with additional equipment utilizing the same access point. After the story found on the 8th, Mark, an admin within the Lenovo help forums, responded to indicate which Lenovo had nailed down the issue that was affecting U310 plus U410 units. Mark explained which U310 plus U410 units produced before July 23rd had the problem that might need servicing to fix. Lenovo plus stores appear to be nonetheless marketing units produced before July 23rd.

Here is Mark’s reaction to the post that was posted to the comments a day following the post was published:

During July, Lenovo received customer reports of lower than expected wireless performance about certain U310 plus U410 IdeaPad systems. As a happen, you thoroughly tested test U310 plus U410 models along with a shape update was implemented to guarantee a more consistent wireless performance in every customer conditions. U310 plus U410 models produced following July 23, 2012 incorporate these changes plus are not affected. Customers with U310 plus U410 models produced before July 23 that have experienced lower than expected wireless performance must contact Lenovo help to schedule service.

Lenovo is providing service to affected units, yet didn’t appear to address the wider matter which the business nevertheless looks to be marketing U310 plus U410 units that are confirmed because having the hardware problem that results inside bad WiFi performance. One consumer inside the today 37 page-long Lenovo help thread in regards to the U310 plus U410 WiFi issues shares the following:

“I received my U410 about tuesday [8/21] plus it does indeed have the wireless matter as well as the computer was produced inside June! Why are these items nonetheless being available?”

From another user:

“Basicaly same story here inside Chicago, US. Ordered  U310 from Microsoft shop, received device past [8/22] – device built about 6/19/12 – I cringed whenever I saw which. Called Lenovo now, the rep was -not aware- of the problem. She invested regarding 25 min remotely about my machine re-instaling driver, to no avail. Offered service when I send to Texas plus wait a limited weeks. I’d quite return for return.”

I asked Mark inside the comments of the past article:

Did we remember laptops manufacturered before July 23rd or are we creating any tries at telling those buyers (or possible customers) which there is an problem? Are you presently going to allow stores continue to market pre-July 23rd units to consumers without warnings regarding the problem?

I haven’t received a response; I’ve reiterated this query inside the help thread plus hopefully there is an answer shortly.

I talked with Amazon in regards to the matter plus was told which they hadn’t heard from Lenovo regarding the issue plus were nevertheless providing the U310 plus U410 about their website.

Although Mark has assured consumers inside the help thread which call-in help centers have all been informed of the problem plus understand how to take appropriate action, this doesn’t jive with most user’s experiences because posted found on the forum.

This involves my own — I called Lenovo’s US help for IdeaPad treatments past plus was met with a help technician along with a product professional that hadn’t been aware of the problem plus didn’t recognize how to handle it — this might be today 2 weeks following Lenovo officially diagnosed the condition. The help staff naturally desired to do several troubleshooting that might include reinstalling the WiFi driver or restoring the U310 to factory settings — both will be futile because Mark has confirmed which this might be a hardware problem. They offered repair service about device yet I’m really thinking whether the service center might understand what to fix when the help staff isn’t even aware of the problem. It’s also a shame which individuals are running into this problem right because back-to-school season hits — pupils with affected U310 plus U410 units must ask whether it really is useful to be without their Ultrabook for 2 weeks whilst it happens to be repaired or when they might merely need to deal with all the abysmal WiFi performance that may avoid them from connecting to WiFi inside class or inside their dorm.

We’ll help up-to-date found on the matter because you hear more from Lenovo.

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