Is the Technology World Too ‘Pop Culture’?

As countless of we whom read my work here about SlashGear recognize, I’m an avid development lover. My whole lifetime has been focused on understanding regarding technologies, leveraging the tools which function right, plus educating others found on the value of it. From a young age, I was building my own PCs plus taking aside treatments to find how they worked. It wasn’t lengthy which I realized which having several type of job inside this fascinating globe became a wise decision.


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But over the last decade or thus, I’ve enjoyed a shift inside the technologies industry which makes me worry regarding the future. The development industry was when a haven for people like me (plus maybe you) which sought to plunge themselves inside electronics plus employ them because much because potential to receive function performed. For you, development wasn’t an interest; it had been a lifestyle.

Back then, those of you whom enjoyed development had created a unique bond. We were talking another code which various people didn’t very know, plus you were capable to resolve difficulties which others couldn’t. It had been a specialized thing. And it was ours.

But over the last decade, I’ve watched my beloved technologies industry become terribly commercial. Products are no longer judged entirely about their functionality or component energy. Instead, items are judged based about their looks and just how “intuitive” they are for the average development consumer. Value has claimed out over energy. And those of you that remember the older days are left scratching the heads.

“Computers are today personality-extensions, with branding plus shape to reflect that”

See, the technologies industry is today a key component of pop culture. There’s not a day which goes by which somebody found on the information or perhaps a late evening show or about MTV won’t mention an iPhone, iPad, or Android-based device. Computers were when strictly practical pieces of equipment which helped you receive function completed. Then, they’re extensions of the character, plus have branding plus shape qualities to reflect which.

It’s today cool to go to school with all the newest device inside hand plus show it off to neighbors. While discussing “gigabytes” plus “Flash” plus alternative subjects were when reserved for the so-called “geeks,” they’re today prevalent inside discussions with supposedly average persons.

Of course, several inside the industry believe this really is a advantageous thing. As development has become more accepted, main businesses have produced more cash. Small firms built from the achievement of greater companies are thriving. And more plus more folks are working by the industry.

It’s difficult to argue with which. The development industry truly has become the cornerstone of the planet economy. And businesses like Apple, Google, Facebook, plus Samsung are employing thousands of individuals which, 20 years ago, wouldn’t have had a job.

But reason me for believing which possibly – really possibly – there was clearly anything specialized regarding the aged days. The development industry may not have been “cool,” however, it was fun plus exciting. And it was special.

Maybe the aged days are gone. However there’s anything to be mentioned regarding recalling – plus honoring – a history.

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