Is Apple’s on-shore production pledge superior information for the future of the Mac Pro?

In the summer, rumors circulated which there will be a main refresh of the Mac Pro line. Those rumors fizzled. Even the speed-bump announced inside June wasn’t over a speed dimple. Lloyd Chambers at the Mac Performance Guidebook called it a “non-upgrade:”

Not even a stinkin’ upgrade to the images card. The changes to the Apple Mac Pro enjoyed now are inconsequential. Nothing except a trivial CPU change (perfectly, the sluggish 8-core 2.4 GHz is today a sluggish 12-core, plus 3.06 GHz is 0.4 % quicker than 2.93 GHz). Perhaps Apple’s pro buyers are moreover inconsequential to Apple.

The line from Cupertino was “trust you.” At the time, CEO Tim Cook told the We Want a New Mac Pro group to not worry regarding which “anything truly great” comes inside the new year. This was the line coined by the late Steve Jobs.

Thanks for the e-mail. Our Pro clients like you may be actually significant to you. Although you didn’t have a chance to speak regarding a brand-new Mac Pro at today’s event, don’t worry because we’re functioning about anything absolutely fantastic for later upcoming year.

And the casual word continues to come from Apple regarding specialist goods. There had been a rumor going about last week which Apple was discontinuing function about its specialist sound product. A reaction came from Xander Soren, director of product advertising for music applications at Apple plus found its method to MacRumors.

As the lead for the music creation apps, I constantly like to hear what the consumers are thinking. I wish To assure we the team continues to be inside destination plus difficult at the job found on the upcoming adaptation of Logic Pro.

Still, a friend with lengthy experience inside the high-performance plus pro content-creation markets room mentioned PCs reign supreme.

For the higher-end processing rigs, Windows plus Linux workstations usually continue to dominate, because of Apple not aggressively contending with all the Mac Pro plus Xserve. Everyone is lookin forward to seeing what Apple does with all the guaranteed New Mac Pro coming upcoming year, in the meantime, clusters of compute servers at the highest-end plus Windows or Linux workstations for stand-alone systems can continue to dominate.

So, there was clearly considerable excitement from Tim Cook’s latest announcement which Apple can return to production computers inside the U.S. It can reinforce his past statements of big information for the Mac Pro inside 2013. The Mac Pro is a excellent margin machine, with buyers that may handle a bit more build expense. These visitors usually purchase custom-build machines, that are simply the fit for a tiny production surgery, instead of the customer machines where Apple would like to lower margins.

For years today, Apple has focused about its customer platforms whilst ignoring its expert shoppers. And which has been advantageous for the business plus shareholders. But not thus advantageous for a tiny yet fast group of shoppers whom helped maintain the Mac platform throughout earlier, tougher years.

There continue to be worries regarding the businesses dedication plus what “anything truly great” signifies. But here’s a chance for Apple to create a statement inside the pro performance room with a brand-new, capable Mac Pro. Made inside America. And it doesn’t even need to change its enclosure. Simply kick the performance.


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