iOS application assists parents predict kid’s clothing sizes

Pint size application assists parents predict kid's clothing sizes - Jason O'Grady

I have a pair of kids (plus boy are they cute!) as well as the requisite expenses associated with details like food plus clothing. I’m fast realizing which when food costs are certainly increasing, the cost of clothing could kill the budget even faster. 

A latest conversation with my five-year-old daughter went anything like this:

Her “Daddy, I wish these Ugg shoes!”

Me: “However they’re $ 130!”

Her: “Ok!”

But that’s not the worst element. Her two-year-old brother instantly found his own small pair of Uggs which he additionally had to have because, naturally, his sister was carrying a pair. 

Kids grow swiftly plus it’s incredibly obvious inside regions of the globe with big swings inside seasonal temperatures — like the northeastern piece of the U.S. (San Diego gets a pass). The issue is the fact that seasonal children’s clothing (incredibly expensive winter garments like coats plus, effectively, boots) can just fit the offspring for 1 season when they’re quick growers. This is specifically pricey should you purchase winter shoes late inside the season plus your children just wear them a couple of occasions before they go into storage inside the spring. 

The answer, naturally, is to purchase kid’s clothing at thrift plus consignment shops. A small planning whenever buying children’s apparel will help save you severe time and income. 

Luckily, there’s an algorithm for which. 

I’ve been testing a new application called Pint Size ($ 2.99, App Store) which tries to resolve this condition. It combines healthcare research, the identification of the development curves for a child based about their present height plus fat, plus translates them into forecasts of clothing models for 44 main US brands. We enter the child’s dimensions (height, fat, plus birth date) as well as the application predicts their clothing models inside the future (above).

Pint Size supports numerous families plus shares size info through e-mail, text, plus Facebook. It moreover offers development history, future development plus size forecasts, plus even has a picture album to show the child growing up.

The developer informs me upcoming attributes include extra sharing choices, Passbook plus iCloud integration plus help for more stores. The interface plus images may employ an update however the core functionality plus concept are awesome. So is any application which keeps me from ordering $ 220 value of shoes which won’t fit upcoming season.



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