IDC: Strong need for smartphones with Samsung leading the charge

IDC, the International Data Corporation has introduced their Q4 2012 report plus are telling a story of sturdy need for smartphones plus of heated competition between providers. The numbers are showing the best five smartphone providers to be Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony plus ZTE. The report shows all smartphones providers because having shipped 219.4 million units throughout Q4 2012.


This makes for a 36.4 % year-over-year development. Taking a step back from smartphones plus lookin at the numbers for all cell phones, the IDC report notes a total of 482.5 million phones were shipped throughout the 4th quarter of 2012. This translates into smartphones accounting for 45.5 % of all mobile telephone shipments for the 4th quarter.

Comparing the Q4 2012 smartphones sales to the year total, it was mentioned which 545.2 million smartphones were shipped worldwide inside 2012. Unsurprisingly, which quantity is up from 2011. Shifting over to individual providers plus Samsung was inside the lead for Q4 2012. Samsung shipments were 63.7 million that accounted for 29 % of the marketplace share.

Coming inside behind Samsung was Apple with 21.8 % marketplace share plus because having shipped 47.8 million units throughout the 4th quarter. Trailing Samsung plus Apple you see a big drop with Huawei at four.9 % marketplace share, Sony with four.5 % marketplace share plus ZTE with four.3 % marketplace share. The remaining providers that are summed up because “others” account for a total of 35.5 % marketplace share with a total of 77.8 million units shipped.

[via IDC]


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