HTC CEO Peter Chou looks positive about what 2013 usually bring

Things were not all which excellent for HTC inside 2012. In truth, according to a latest Wall Street Journal report, HTC had 1 of their worst years inside 2012. It was mentioned which the 3rd quarter earning have them sitting at the lowest inside regarding six years. Or to place which another method, the share cost is down regarding 80 percent than the record significant which HTC saw inside 2010. That being mentioned though, it looks like HTC has been creating several plans for a comeback.


Time usually tell how effectively the plans exercise for HTC, nonetheless CEO Peter Chou did discuss a few of this inside a latest interview. Perhaps many notable here, Chou believes which the worst has passed plus which “2013 are not too bad.” That doesn’t sound all which encouraging alone, however Chou did go about to further note which they understand they haven’t completed enough found on the advertising front.

More to this point, Chou mentioned which HTC didn’t do enough whilst their competitors were sturdy plus resourceful plus pouring many funds into advertising. Despite recognizing which elements were not going all which effectively, Chou didn’t mention anything particular inside terms of plans plus rather stayed a bit more general saying which he believes “the most crucial thing is to have special treatments which appeal to customers.”

It does appear because when several wish To see HTC rise back. The Droid DNA grabbed a lot inside terms of praise. And searching forward, it is very getting harder to look away within the rumors of the HTC M7. Specific equipment apart though, HTC nevertheless has a bit more to report for 2012. In truth, their preliminary fourth-quarter results are expected Monday meaning you will see a bit more bad information before the advantageous information arrives.


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