High school basketball movie test (updated): Nokia Lumia 920 optical image stabilization shows off

I try to invest a week or 2 with phones plus integrate them into my daily existence thus I can provide visitors my opinion about how they do beyond the initial hot plus shiny period. Real planet use situations are what end up driving whether I buy the device plus I desired to share my latest experiences with movie capture of basketball games. I was hours away from ordering a fresh phone, yet ended up following my own telephone instead following comparing movie I grabbed inside the same gym.

UPDATE: After reading the opinions of visitors I brought my daughter, the basketball player, into the workplace plus you viewed all of the games I shot with these different phones. It turns out which the Droid DNA had wise color, nevertheless was method too jittery to observe for extended periods. The iPhone 5 was great with quality plus color, nevertheless limited by zoom plus there was clearly the presence of artifacts because movement happened with all the telephone. The Lumia 920 clearly was the number one inside the finish along with a couple of videos looked like I zoomed inside too far plus which messed up the standard. Zooming back out showed greater results.

As a outcome, I really returned within the shop with a red Nokia Lumia 920 which I is utilizing to capture movie this week to confirm the conclusion which the optical image stabilization of the Lumia 920 truly does rock.

My center daughter is a great athlete plus excels at soccer plus basketball. She would like to play inside university plus whilst the team catches official full game movie which you receive access to later inside the season, I sought to capture movie for her to then edit into highlight movies to send along to schools throughout the season. I have been thinking much more about devoted movie cameras plus possibly which is the smarter choice, yet I have access to a lot of phones which capture 720p plus 1080p movie I figured I might try them out initially.

I invested over a month with all the Nokia Lumia 920 before sending back the eval device plus was impressed with all the optical image stabilization throughout movie capture because I was out plus about. It does very effectively at preventing shake inside videos, which are easily obvious whenever I take movie with all the HTC Droid DNA plus alternative smartphones without stabilization. I was prepared to go out plus buy my own 920, yet I then decided to test out the HTC Droid DNA plus Apple iPhone 5. It turns out which the Droid DNA really catches movie with greater color representation, yet the minor shaking of my hand is picked up plus bothers the heck from me. Both of these equipment zoom inside plus I found I had to zoom inside really regarding 25% to greater capture the action closer to Mal which looked to nonetheless keep standard. I can capture nevertheless pictures within the movie I capture found on the Droid DNA, even later whenever I am watching the movie found on the DNA or my TV through the Media Link HD device, thus which is very helpful. The iPhone 5 excels because a nonetheless digital camera even with minimal settings plus choices plus as possible see inside my brief video under it really does well at movie too. It doesn’t help zoom throughout movie capture, yet the color representation is superior, focus is amazing, plus it doesn’t appear to shake because much because the Droid DNA. I lately found third party apps for the iPhone 5 which allow you to zoom inside a bit thus plan to test them inside future games.

I place together a couple of especially brief clips which show the HTC Droid DNA, Apple iPhone 5, plus Nokia Lumia 920 to allow you to judge it for oneself. I do have hours more video which offer more comparison content too. Remember uploading plus sharing the movie commonly reduces the standard a bit plus these are not extended movie clips. One issue I ran into found on the Droid DNA is the limited memory capability. I had 1 film downloaded to observe found on the DNA plus shot action from 1 basketball game. I then reached maximum memory capability whilst recording a 2nd basketball game plus had to jump to another device. I want the DNA had at smallest 32GB and/or a microSD card slot. I do that way the DNA has integrated zoom and more controls than the iPhone, however the iPhone movie capture is very superior also.

High school basketball with iPhone 5, Lumia 920, plus Droid DNA from Matthew Miller about Vimeo.

The Nokia Lumia 920 does a superior job of movie capture as well as the OIS is very amazing.  I am going to cut out my stupid commentary, I have many trouble keeping my mouth closed throughout these games, thus sound standard wasn’t judged throughout this situation test. If it was then your Lumia 920 might lead considering it really does a remarkable job of sound capture. I am planning to utilize the Droid DNA plus iPhone 5 for the rest of the season. Do we employ the smartphone to capture movie plus when thus, what device does effectively for we?

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