Hands-on with all the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

Hands-on with all the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

In late August I wrote regarding the Evernote Smart Notebook announcement plus instantly put my preorder for a little ruled Moleskine. It arrived last week plus I have been enjoying its employ inside my daily lifetime. While I am an avid mobile device enthusiast, there is anything regarding composing factors down about paper which assists me think a bit more clearly plus creatively. The Evernote Smart Notebooks are today accessible to buy for $ 24.95 (pocket) plus $ 29.95 (large).

Check out my image gallery of the Evernote Smart Notebook plus Page Camera utility.

The Evernote Smart Notebook comes inside either Pocket (3.5 x 5.5 inches plus 192 pages) or Large (5 x 8.25 inches plus 240 pages) size. I bought the Pocket size 1 because I like anything which is usually with me plus is conveniently pocketable. I might buy the Large 1 shortly though considering you are able to fit a lot more content onto a big page plus it appears which the more I write inside my Smart Notebook the more I come up with to create about. You are able to buy the paper inside ruled or square (grid) coating. I went with squared because I tend to draw technology tips out plus like the feel of the grid. Both are optimized for capturing into the Evernote application.

The outside difficult cover is embossed with all the cool Evernote logo plus icons of items we could write about or with (pens, paint brushes, travel, lightbulb, etc.) plus is 1 main cause I sought to receive 1 of these distinctive Moleskines. You are able to see the front cover inside my image gallery. There is a green elastic strap to hold the laptop shut along with a green bookmark strap inside. There is a page inside the front cover to record a info just in case the laptop is lost. Within the back cover there are instructions about utilizing Evernote along with a code to employ the Premium service for free for 3 months. There is equally a tiny pocket for the included 4 sheets of Smart Stickers. Smart Stickers are utilized by the Evernote software to automatically add tags to a notes we capture.

Currently, the Page Camera utility is just found in the iOS application. I used my iPhone 5 to capture notes within the Smart Notebook, nevertheless Evernote is moreover functioning about getting the Android application up-to-date to help the Page Camera feature. The Page Camera feature assists optimize pictures grabbed utilizing the Smart Notebook while moreover offering we the ability to incorporate a series of grabbed notes to a single Evernote note. You are able to review the pictures we grabbed plus refuse or approve them before saving those to the Evernote account. There is a toggle at the center of the Evernote camera capture utility to turn Page Camera about or off. Evernote furthermore suggests we have the flash about to capture notes within the Evernote Smart Notebook.

You could usually utilize an Android or Windows Phone device to capture notes taken inside the Evernote Smart Notebook (till Page Camera function is added), nevertheless the Page Camera utility finds the dot pattern plus adjusts the skew of the picture when additionally improving page comparison capture. Smart Stickers are furthermore grabbed plus catalogued with all the Page Camera function inside iOS.

I am enjoying the experience with my Evernote Smart Notebook plus love which they continue to supply methods to create Evernote a element of my daily existence.

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