Grand Theft Auto III coming to the iPad

Since it’s weekend and we can do with some games, we looked for the latest titles and we found out Rockstar would port one of their most famous games on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Grand Theft Auto III was launched back in 2001 and since then it allowed us to get rid of our daily rage by driving fast, shooting the mafia and blowing up police cars. The game was so successful that it has been sold in over 14.5 million units world wide. Well now Rockstar has decided to develop the game for the iOS platform – the iPad 2 and the new iPhone 4S. Apparently the dual-core processor and faster graphics make them the only iOS 5 gadgets compatible with the game… sorry iPod touch users.

The game on the iPad is what caught our attention because of the size of the screen. The game may be fun on the iPhone 4S but the iPad will be the true star later this fall when the game will be available. To mark the 10 year anniversary Rockstar will also launch an action figure for those who come home from work, launch GTA III on the PC and the first thing they type is “BANGBANGBANG”.

Android users will get the game this year too on their smartphones and tablets.

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