Google I/O 2013 website is full of Google Easter Eggs

Today the constantly fun people from Google really up-to-date the official Google I/O 2013 url. They’ve published the rest of the facts about Google I/O like the dates plus occasions, plus stuff you absolutely knew. Then tossed inside tons of Google Easter Eggs. The whole website is interactive, that I completely missed following heading there whenever you received the hit invite.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.49.15 PM

So for the creative minds, smart persons, plus those whom enjoy a advantageous Google Easter egg you’ll wish To promptly head to the I/O page by clicking here — plus have fun. Should you can’t figure it out, the big I plus O are interactive, yet it’s a code. Guess the appropriate code plus you’re greeted with an Easter Egg. I’ve absolutely figured out regarding 5, however, we’ll allow you to men find the rest.

The Google I/O symbols might lead we to the bacon, bowling balls, room, I/O pets (Reddit may love that) plus other unique factors. There’s a matrix design page inside there, however I forgot which 1 following I did it. Essentially you ought to guess the code, plus take pleasure in the effects following. The second page is equally interactive, plus I’m certain there’s a some Easter eggs inside those too – yet you haven’t found any. TheNextWeb claims there is tunes plus these too, thus go crazy.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.44.33 PM

We don’t wish To post all of them, because which might ruin the fun of we men acquiring all Easter eggs oneself. Now back to aspects that matter. Google I/O! The event is May 15th-17th inside San Francisco, plus we’re expecting Android four.5 or 5.0 Key Lime Pie, a fresh Nexus 7, plus hopefully an future Nexus smartphone or anything from camp Motorola. We’ll be there reside too, thus remain tuned!

[via Google I/O]


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