Google goes after Apple via Motorola patents

Moto plus Apple

The Wall Street Journal is reporting which Motorola has filed with all the International Trade Commission (that’s the same 1 which blocked the HTC One X plus EVO 4G LTE for a spell) to sue Apple over 7 undisclosed patents. The patents relate to the iPhone, the iPad as well as the iPod touch, for that Motorola is looking an import ban.

So far, truly the only official word from Motorola has been “We would want to settle these patent issues, however, Apple’s unwillingness to exercise a license leaves you small choice however to protect ourselves plus the engineers’ innovations.” Also pertinent to the case is that the patents inside query aren’t standards-based, thus Motorola refuses to need to license them. Based found on the history of patent litigation involving Apple (plus sometimes Motorola) it sounds like the status quo, proper?

Not thus swiftly.

We’ve watched Motorola go following people inside the courtroom before, with a mixed bag of results. I hated it then, nevertheless it was really 1 organization fighting with another organization over a cash — easily put, company because routine. But which was all initiated before Google took over the helm. Today’s information is anything different.

Don’t be evil

Google has prepared “Don’t be evil” its firm tagline. For the many piece, Google has held true to its word. Google finds itself inside hot water each today plus then, however there’s no harmful aim behind its objectives. Better mapping plus new images for Street View are items they care about. Thinking regarding all of the repercussions plus folks whom do not have idea how to secure a Wifi network possibly wasn’t even an afterthought. And the deal with utilizing what they call a standard, whilst recognizing Apple’s Safari browser didn’t know it as a result, to spot cookies is created because several people at Google thought the +1 switch was thus cool they desired it to function anywhere. Stupid, yes. Evil? Well, I don’t think thus. 

Again, this really is different. Inside I’ve usually been capable to placate me by thinking which throughout all of this patent nonsense, Google has kept their hands clean. They’ve sued nobody, plus fought hard for what they (plus I) think is right. That all changed now. Because May, Google is straight responsible for the points Motorola do because a business, as well as the Motorola name inside the center is simply a proxy. Yes, Google claims Motorola is run because a stand-alone venture, nevertheless eventually they have the final word.

While we cheer plus state Apple deserves a taste of their own medication, I’ll be here considering the folks whom may be saving to purchase an iPad, just to (potentially) have the chance removed  – by Google. That makes me sad, plus seeing Android fans cheer inside droves makes me even sadder. We pride ourselves found on the choice Android plus Google provide you, thus seeing them try to remove a fair choice is not anything I may help. Don’t be bad, Google. Even whenever the alternative kids found on the playground are.

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