Gameloft teases Blitz Brigade – it’s like Team Fortress 2 for Android

Gameloft is teasing a brand fresh game heading to an Android smartphone or pill close we shortly, plus it looks outright amazing. Because the awesome game programmers at Valve nonetheless haven’t jumped found on the mobile bandwagon Gameloft is taking it on themselves to deliver several standard goods. Blitz Brigade is their hot game plus it has very a Team Fortress 2 feeling should you ask you.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 3.54.19 PM

And which isn’t a bad thing. Team Fortress 2 is regarded as the many exciting plus classic shooters about PC in the event you ask me. This multiplayer team-based initially individual shooter has all of the classic cartoon characters plus all, just we’ll be controlling them about the Android equipment. It’s a good mash-up of TF2 plus Battlefield Heroes all rolled into 1.

Blitz Brigade is a free-to-play multiplayer game about iOS plus Android, plus looks pretty epic thus far to state the smallest. You’ll have five character classes to select from, tons plus tons of weapons (possibly updates you are able to earn or buy) plus is based found on the freemium gaming model. We’ll allow you to decide for oneself how close this looks to Team Fortress 2.

Gameloft describes their modern game because an action-packed game full of team-based FPS-mayhem. You’ll be capable to pound a enemies into the dirt plus call them indicate names. Set inside WWII, Blitz Brigade is a team-based shooter featuring different player classes, tons of cars, plus several gameplay methods is accessible. Gameloft can equally provide single player challenges plus more, all utilizing their distinctive cartoon characters. The single player mode must equally be a great deal of fun along with a good method to earn extra weapons plus level-ups. Gameloft is telling more details shortly. We can’t wait to play this 1. Who’s with you?


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