First Look: Brydge keyboard for iPad (Verdict: Decent)

First Look: Brydge keyboard for iPad - Jason O'Grady

If we have an iPad, chances are which we often want it had a real keyboard. I recognize which I think which every time I utilize my iPad. However hey, that’s me. 

One day, a Kickstarter project called Brydge caught my eye. No, it wasn’t the terrible name, it was a lot more about the truth it became a keyboard with a hinge which effectively turned the full-size iPad into a 10-inch MacBook Air. (Albeit, without the trackpad, plus OS X plus, effectively… okay, thus it’s not a MacBook Air).

Instead of incorporating the iPad keyboard into a case, or into a cover, Brydge threw caution to the wind plus mentioned, “hell with it” plus added 2 easy hinges as well as the keyboard is the case (or the cover, in the event you prefer), plus it’s very Mac-like. From a distance, Brydge is simple to mistake for a MacBook Air.

I initially wrote regarding Brydge inside April 2012, after the Kickstarter established (back then it had a black hinge). The hinge got a reboot inside August 2012 plus folks complained like crazy. The modern hinge shape was minimal plus aluminum, plus several persons liked the chunkier, black 1.0 hinge. The unique hinge shape functions very effectively plus attaches really tightly to my iPad 3 inside my initial testing. (Silicone shims are included for the iPad 2, 3 plus 4).

Once connected to a iPad, merely flip a switch found on the side of Brydge, pair it to the iPad plus you’re off to the races. Brydge has a lithium lion power that they claim usually last for “months” (inside the speakerless configuration) before a wanting a recharge yet I clearly haven’t had a chance to check which claim. 

Typing about Brydge is amazingly wise, though I’ve just utilized it for a grand total of regarding an hr because unboxing it. The keyboard design is somewhat different within the Apple MacBook plus wireless keyboards (for illustration, the backspace key is smaller), nevertheless the form, profile, plus key travel are remarkably close to Apple’s. Touch typists usually need the small retraining, yet not a terrible amount.

Brydge has a some additional function keys over the best of the keyboard which are welcome additions, including a “home” key which emulates the house switch found on the iPad — a good touch. One minor annoyance was which I kept achieving for the non-existent trackpad throughout my keyboard testing. However the truth it thus carefully simulated a MacBook Air may equally be considered a plus.

(Note to Apple: iOS want mouse/trackpad help truly severely. That’s something which Apple might understand within the otherwise awful Surface.)

The Kickstarter is lengthy over, yet you are able to pre-order the own Brydge for $ 150 (black polycarbonate), $ 170 (aluminum), or $ 210 (aluminum with speakers) and $ 10 domestic delivery from Pre-orders are expected to start shipping about December 1, 2012.

What’s a take about iPad keyboards? Should you pair an $ 800 iPad to a $ 210 keyboard, does it equal a $ 1,000 MacBook Air?

First Look: Brydge keyboard for iPad - Jason O'Grady


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