Facebook beats out Google Maps because the #1 application inside 2012, however, don’t worry Google

Everywhere you go individuals are usually about their smartphones. This really is nothing unique however a latest research was simply introduced which is leading me to believe all those persons you see everyday are merely utilizing Facebook technique too much. We know the social network is hugely prevalent however today’s results by ComScore has Facebook being the absolute #1 many selected plus downloaded application inside 2012 — at minimum inside the US.


Interestingly enough the report really shows which Facebook is the amount 1 mobile application inside the US, plus beat out Google Maps for the best place. This really is over just 2 platforms notice we, however nevertheless, very impressive yet distressing simultaneously. When looking at the above mentioned chart you’ll clearly see Google Maps being inside the lead till Apple removed it inside October for their own Maps way, that it then took a huge dive plus Facebook took the lead. We all understand how which turned out though. Right?

2013 is a very tight race today which Google’s introduced their Maps to iOS again with a modern plus improved mobile application. We have a feeling Facebook won’t be very thus fortunate come the finish of 2013. Despite Google Maps losing the best place to Facebook, there’s completely no argument because to whom is winning the bigger pic. Clearly Google has a huge lead against everyone. Check out the chart under moreover introduced by ComScore, showing how ruling Google certainly is over the board.


Aside from Facebook you see Google, plus perfectly, more Google. With Maps, Google Play, Search, Gmail, then your ever thus prevalent YouTube all racking up enough traffic to triple which of Facebook. The internet isn’t a 1 trick pony, plus it shows. Interestingly enough the report shows iTunes close to the switch however, has no mention of Apple’s App Store. Even though Google Play is indexed right up close to the top. It will be good to find the numbers within the App Store someplace inside here.

The report quickly goes into application engagement too, showing Facebook plus Instagram having a well-defined lead over merely regarding everyone else. Now which Facebook owns Instagram they absolutely have the lead with regards to engagement about mobile apps. Will 2013 function as the year for Google+, dubious. Pretty clean report however thus read more within the through under.

[via Comscore]


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