Facebook 2.1 hands-on: Android gains Voice Messaging

Facebook has merely delivered an update for the Android application, delivering it about variation 2.1. While the patch notes don’t contain too much info, they are doing show 1 main feature: voice messages. When you’ve used this update, you’ll be capable to send brief voice messages to the Facebook neighbors. This update, naturally, comes found on the heels of the announcement which Facebook might start providing free phoning over WiFi or mobile Internet for iOS consumers.


So, whilst it might not be full VOIP, voice messages continue to be a good touch to have. While being capable to send voice messages is conveniently the many exciting element of the update, messaging as a whole has been provided anything of a overhaul. Now you’re capable to insert emoticons plus pictures into a messages, whether those pictures are from an existing gallery or you need to take it right there found on the place. Not too shabby, plus Facebook’s brand-new look functions enable streamline messaging more.

Users may today do an image look that’s driven by Bing, plus when you find the image you need to utilize, merely visit the thumbnail to have it appear inside a content. It really couldn’t be much simpler to insert pictures into Facebook messages, thus kudos to the organization for this improved functionality. Facebook, naturally, lately announced a partnership with Bing for the modern Graph Search feature, thus it’s just installing which you see Bing popping up inside Facebook’s hot image look.


After this update is used, you’ll be capable to share the friends’ posts to your timeline or groups. Users will additionally look forward to quicker speeds whenever starting plus watching images, plus quicker speeds are usually welcome amidst the constantly-connected crowd. You are able to snag the newest adaptation of Facebook today within the Google Play Store [download link], thus reach downloading!

[via SlashGear]


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