Expert photographer turns to iPhone for post-wedding photoshoot

Sephi Bergerson is well-known inside India for his documentary-style marriage photography. 

Bergerson has built a niche for himself with his spontaneous approach plus “real” images, that he moreover uses inside his food photography showcased inside his book Street Foods of India plus editorial function for corporate clients.

He furthermore counts himself an iPhoneographer. His love for mobile photography is enjoyed inside his blog posts inside that he discusses the medium. “We may not understand it yet, however, this really is because big, or bigger, than the innovation of the digital camera,” Bergerson newly posted. Last month, he took this passion for shooting with his iPhone 4S plus place it to wise utilize with a bride plus groom, Rishita plus Kintan Brahmbhatt, that hired him to shoot their marriage inside Gujarat inside western India.

Bergerson shot the more formal marriage occasions with his DSLR, however selected his iPhone for a more everyday shoot with all the couple following the ceremony.

Indian weddings are sophisticated plus filled with a amount of formal occasions. After all which jazz, a post-wedding shoot inside an abandoned bus plus streets of Gujarat appeared like a ideal idea to relax for both the photographer as well as the couple. 

“I had a awesome chance to function with a couple that were open minded enough to allow me do their couple shoot with all the iPhone plus not my standard DSLR,” Bergerson mentioned.

The day began off with a limited shots up against the backdrop of Gujarat’s historic step-well Adalaj. While pausing for a break over Gatia, fried green chillies plus hot chai, Bergerson decided to take a limited shots with his telephone found on the streets nearby plus Instagram them about his feed, @fotowala. They even got passersby to take piece, pausing for a group shot which shows off the neighborhood culture. 

“The iPhone shoot gave you a chance to move about plus try out different elements instantly,” recalled the bride afterward. “Because of the spontaneity, you had a awesome time plus it shows, vs photos with posed fake smiles. Additionally you love the Polaroid impact.”

Bergerson utilized Polamatic to acheive an old-school Polaroid impact plus edited the pictures with Snapseed  before Instagramming them.

“On the method to the airport following the shoot, I promptly edited plus shared them with all the couple,” Bergerson described. “It was these a fresh experience plus all of us enjoyed it. Maybe not award-winning pictures, yet you have certain good memories.”

After a effective initial experience with Mr. plus Mrs. Brahmbhatt, Bergerson is searching forward to incorporating the iPhone into more event shoots inside the future.


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