Daily Cuppa: Apple dangers ban from US, pictures from Facebook’s offices

Not extended to go today till the finish of the week. Let’s receive we by it with information of what occurred instant.

Remember how people surmised which Google purchased Motorola for the patents? Well, possibly the internet giant is cashing inside about its investment again: the US International Trade Commission (ITC) is today researching Apple following Motorola filed a problem stating which Apple infringed 7 of its patents.

The research looks at almost everything which Apple has ever produced, plus can see the Cupertino-based company’s goods banned from entering the US. Nobody very knows that patents are being looked at, plus it’s absolutely too early to tell that means the research can go, however it is a landmark blow against Apple when Google plus Motorola are effective.

Apple, found on the alternative hand, is reportedly building a datacentre inside Hong Kong. Construction is meant to begin upcoming year, plus be built about an “unprecedented scale.” For comparison’s sake, Google’s own datacentre there is spread over 7 acres, plus Hong Kong isn’t a city acknowledged for having big amounts of inexpensive room.

Speaking of running from room, today which IPv4 addresses have been all however tired, their value is improving because the rest of the globe gradually adopts IPv6. In truth, certain are phoning found on the UK government to market off 16 million IPv4 addresses it has stashed away. It owns the block of addresses, yet doesn’t appear to be utilizing them; at minimum, not publicly. They’re estimated to be value between US$ 500 million plus US$ 1.5 billion.

In Microsoft’s planet, the Redmond, Washington, giant is acquiring itself inside hot water over a failure to supply consumers with a choice of what internet browser they may use about Windows 7. Microsoft was meant to supply consumers with a “browser ballot” to let those to install whatever browser they desired instead of being secured into Internet Explorer, yet, having missed its deadline to do thus, is today inside the sights of the European Commission.

And before we receive back to function, we’ve taken a look about Facebook’s Singapore offices. They appear to be big fans of composing about walls, with funny puns inside graffiti splashed over bare concrete walls plus meeting room, like “I’ll be bak choy” plus “I’m a Seoul guy.”


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