CES 2013 Ultrabook Predictions (along with a peak into 2013)

worditoutOver the upcoming 24 hours we’ll be preparing for CES. Ultrabooknews plus UMPCPortal aren’t inside Las Vegas this year however, we’ll be delivering we all of the information plus adding the analysis which you frequently don’t have time for whenever we’re there.

To kick of the CES 2013 analysis I’ve place together a set of development plus attributes which you need to be viewing out for throughout upcoming week plus expecting to hit the Ultrabook ecosystem inside 2013. We’ve come a extended means absolutely nevertheless 2013 is the big year. It’s the year whenever Intel claims which the Ultrabook ecosystem is finally willing to deliver what they planned years ago.

Connected Standby

This is the big feature which is put into Ultrabooks inside late 2013. It comes with all the hot Haswell single-chip processor which supports more energy control than any additional Ultrabook or computer platform before it plus it may bring you to the point where we won’t should turn the Ultrabook off ever again. Skype may run forever inside the background if you would like it too. Wi-Fi might stay connected plus you’ll receive all the notifications inside real time, even if the Ultrabook is off. There are the feature about Clovertrail Tablets absolutely plus it’s groundbreaking to have these extended idle power existence. Expect movie playback occasions to double or even more. Expect to be capable to create plus write plus write for 10,15,20 hours before you ought to charge again. Use your Ultrabook because a streaming WiFi radio for  couple of days about 1 power charge. Hit the ‘off’ switch plus the desktop can stop however Windows 8’s background jobs might continue.

Connected Standby is regarded as the less talked-about highlights of Windows 8 however, it’s the most significant for the future.

Note that Ultrabooks capable of connected standby must run the OS completely about SSD thus you’ll see late-2013 Ultrabooks moving away from crossbreed difficult forces. We anticipate Connected Standby to become the ‘must have’ computer feature inside 2014 plus it’s probably to be found just about Ultrabooks providing them a immense benefit over laptops.  There are more about Connected Standby over at the sister site UMPCPortal where we’ve been monitoring the CS-enabled Clovertrail platform.

P1120062_thumbPerceptual computing

Intel is pushing this difficult inside 2013 plus we’re absolutely seeing evidence of the. Expect it to feature inside Intel PR throughout CES. What is it? See this article plus video. It’s gesture plus voice control for PCs plus currently it’s functioning about developer hardware however I might anticipate this development to be built into the frame of a Ultrabook inside late 2013 or early 2014.


WiGig is the significant throughput short-range wireless development which could transfer sound, movie plus USB to a wireless recipient. It’s crafted to be ‘transparent’ to the consumer (i.e. low latency, significant throughput) plus is absolutely inside the Dell 6430U. Expect Dell to show a WiGig docking station at CES. WiGig is today piece of the WiFi Alliance.

Wi-Di Pro

We’re absolutely at WiDi V3 plus may today play 60fps of HD movie to a remote screen. V3 also offers a back-channel as well as the newest Ultrabooks absolutely include Wi-USB motorists however the upcoming generation, Wi-Di Pro, could add collaboration qualities which might create it very worthwhile inside knowledge conditions. A collaborative meeting between rows about a airplane plus hot gaming conditions are furthermore enabled. Intel talked quickly regarding WiDi Pro inside November last year however, there hasn’t been any official announcement yet.


Haswell is the name of the upcoming generation Core platform from Intel plus there is variants accessible for Ultrabooks. We’ve got an review of Haswell for we here.

Connected standby is regarded as the immense qualities (reported above) however, there’ll be more. We’re expecting  30% boost inside processing force / clock, a doubling of 3D images energy plus new media attributes including end-to-end 4K movie help plus movie stabilisation processing conducted inside silicon.

Expect demonstrations plus possibly a shape prototype from Intel showing how thin Ultrabooks plus pills is. On the pill side you really need to anticipate to be fairly impressed because the dynamic range of Haswell reaches from effective always-on background jobs to desktop-grade 1080p movie modifying plus desktop gaming. Docking plus modular processing become pretty interesting with Haswell that, consequently, relies much found on the achievement of Windows 8 as well as the Windows 8 Store

Other Tech to observe out for

‘New’ Ultrabooks

You’re probably to find a wave of releases plus re-launches at CES. Expect Windows 8 updates, touchscreen retro-fits along with a 2nd advertising drive for a few of the Ultrabook convertibles which didn’t reach the marketplace inside Q4 2013. the ASUS TaiChi, ASUS Transformer Book, Fujitsu Q702, Samsung Ativ 700T, Elitebook Revolve, Microsoft Surface Pro, MSI S20, MSI S30, Lenovo Thinkpad Helix must all receive more air-time. I anticipate producers to declare further Ultrabook models inside the low-cost bracket plus wouldn’t be amazed when Lenovo refreshed their U310 plus U410. Samsung have absolutely announced a unique Series 7 Ultrabook. The Series 7 Ultrabook may provide high-end attributes inside a less fashion-led shape and therefore can fit effectively between your Series 5 plus Series9.

Low-Power Ivy Bridge CPUs

With a touch of smoke along with a some mirrors Intel is probably to introduce a unique range of low-power Core CPUs. With TDPs right down to 10W they provide designers a simpler method to build a device with longer power lifetime. It is at the cost of processing energy though plus inside impact is only a set of down-clocked Core CPUs. For Intel it provides them a method to provide a lower-cost platform however we’ve yet to obtain out when Ultrabooks can utilize it. The low-end Pentium plus Core CPUs resemble they may have greatly less processing force thus may Intel allow Ultrabooks employ CPUs which have lower processing energy than those introduced inside 2010? We could receive the answers from CES upcoming week.

Other Changes to anticipate throughout 2013.

Prices may continue to drop. We saw a some $ 499 has last year however this year we’ll possibly see the initially $ 549 RRP. Maybe even the initially $ 499 release.

Form factors might receive a shake-out throughout CES plus 2013. I anticipate 1 or 2 earlier announced models would receive pulled as well as the ASUS Taichi 13 may be 1 of them. The ergonomics of Ultrabook convertibles aren’t very right yet plus with Haswell approaching certain producers can select to wait till the upcoming round where designs is much lighter plus have competitive power lifetime with small to no enthusiast sound, always-on along with a more mature Windows 8 Store.

Touch has absolutely started to appear inside the mainstream computer segment with all the X202/S200 from ASUS being among the more favored ones. Expect alternative laptops to receive the touchscreen upgrade at CES 2013

What won’t change at CES 2013

All laptops, Ultrabooks plus pills can are driven by lithium-Ion battery technologies inside 2013. We’ll see information regarding fresh power tech because you constantly do yet lithium Ion can continue to energy all transportable processing equipment.

Stay tuned this week for all CES 2013 Ultrabooknews!

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