Carphone Warehouse Listed a 32GB Nexus 7 inside Upcoming Stock

According to a screenshot Droid-Life has obtained the  Carphone Warehouse inside the UK, a listing for a 32GB variant of the Google’s favorite Nexus 7 pill has appeared. There is not any pricing neither the releasing date was included. however Additionally keep in your mind which you see goods act because area holders the amount of time in program wants these, thus this doesn’t  signify the device is existing or see light from factory.

As There is a bit more Mid range pills available inside marketplace like Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 7 plus  plus Barnes &Noble Nook Book HD Tablets available with 32GB variants. Google’s Nexus 7 32GB model surely create sense because its doesn’t even have Micro SD card slot to. thus you may be seeing a 32GB varaint of Nexus 7 fairly shortly.

[ source : Droid-Life ]


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