Apple’s novel wind turbine patent utilizes heat to create power

Apple’s patents inside mobile processing have been the topic of much debate (plus hate) inside latest months because its battle with Samsung has played out inside courtroom. However did we learn which Apple has additionally filed paperwork for a quite unusual wind turbine?

The application filed with all the U.S. Patent plus Trademark Office inside June 2011 covers technologies for “on-demand generation of electricity from stored wind power.”

Standard wind turbine designs employ wind power along its blades (or sails) to turn rotors, that force machinery or electrical generators. However Apple’s proposal provides a twist – 1 which accounts for the variability of wind.

In its systeme, the rotational vitality produced by the turbine is to create heat which is then stored inside a “low-heat-capacity” fluid. The heat is then moved into a functioning fluid which creates steam, that is selected to energy an electrical generator.

One of the patent pictures is indexed below:


How might Apple employ this development? The applications aren’t instantly clearly, however over probably it’s a means for the firm to continue adding clean power generation sources to its information centers – because it is actually doing inside North Carolina.


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