Apple’s iOS 6 Wi-Fi issues linger on

iOS6-WiFi-disabledThis grayed out, dead Wi-Fi connection is not the “upgrade” iOS 6 consumers had in your mind.

Apple fixed the main iOS 6 Wi-Fi issue rapidly. That foul-up turned out to be a lost Apple Website. While Apple siming substituting which page healed the networking headache for 90%+ of Apple iOS 6 consumers, additional Wi-Fi issues are continuing to pop up.

A rapid look from the Apple Support forums shows thousands of iOS 6 Wi-Fi issue reports. Winnowing them down, it appears there are 2 extensive iOS 6 Wi-Fi issues left. 

One of these Wi-Fi issues appear to be special to iPhone 4S smartphones plus iPad 3 pills. A school instructor reports, “I am a instructor inside a school which went one-to-one Bring The Own Device this year. We have 750 pupils every with a choice of device from Mac to PC to Android to iOS. With hundreds of pupils with iPhones plus iPads, all associated to the school’s WiFi network, you have been monitoring the development of WiFi issues about iOS equipment. These issues are unrelated to last night’s infamous Apple login page.”

The instructor continued, “There is an matter where iPhone 4S plus iPad third generation equipment are “unable to join network” following updating to iOS 6.” The instructor isn’t truly the only 1. Others report the same condition of being unable to join their localized Wi-Fi network with these equipment.

Numerous fix-it-yourself solutions have been suggested. These include:

Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings
Reboot system
Go to Setting WiFi plus choose the wireless connection.
Hit the ">" signal for which connection.
Select "Auto" for HTTP Proxy.

This answer looks to function very frequently. 

Others, whom have state over their house of workplace Wi-Fi configuration, have found which resetting Wi-Fi safety found on the router to WPA2 TKIP (Wi-Fi Protected Access II Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) from WPA2 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) has enabled those to connect with their Wi-Fi routers. This suggests which iOS 6 has a possible protection issue.

At minimum these consumers will start their Wi-Fi about plus tinker with it. Other iDevice consumers aren’t thus fortunate. Many consumers found following “upgrading” which their WiFi was “grayed out plus disabled.”

The routine fixes recommended by Apple help techs, “soft reset, difficult reset, plus reset network settings,” haven’t been functioning. This condition, like the additional 1, looks to result more usually with iPhone 4s phones.

I have yet to find a answer recommended for this annoyance which consistently functions.

It’s not only the iPhone 4s that’s unable to speak Wi-Fi. Many consumers are equally reporting Wi-Fi problems with their shiny fresh iPhone 5s. This condition furthermore appears to have a Wi-Fi safety element. In specific, it’s being recommended which iOS6 has trouble with WPA2 AES.

Apple, because per routine, had no comment.

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