Apple touts app lead, almost 20 billion downloads inside 2012

Apple mentioned which over 40 billion apps have been downloaded about iTunes from 500 million active accounts.


In addition, virtually 20 billion apps were downloaded inside 2012. In December, over 2 billion apps were downloaded.

The statement from Apple had been a bit of torso thumping because Google touts its Play Store plus courts iOS programmers. Amazon’s Kindle Fire platform is additionally attracting programmers. Apple equally added it has over 775,000 apps for the iPhone, iPad plus iPod touch.

As for raw $ , Apple mentioned it has paid over $ 7 billion to programmers. Apple additionally highlighted Imangi Studios, that created Temple Run, and also Autodesk.

According to a May research from Rogue Amoeba¬†through Ars Technica, creating funds found on the App Store is a bit more of the lottery plus acquiring apps is difficult. Rogue Amoeba found which 59 % of apps don’t generate enough revenue to break even about developer bills.


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