Apple shifting A6X processor manufacturing from Samsung to TSMC: report

The days of Samsung producing processors for Apple’s iDevices can be coming to an end according to a report which suggests the Cupertino giant will have changed silicon manufacturing to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

The report, that comes through Taiwanese-based newspaper The Commercial Times, suggests which Apple is further distancing itself from its rival — plus legal foe — Samsung. Given which both firms are secured inside fierce patent battles across the globe, this shift inside creation has been extended rumored.

Apple's A6 processorApple’s A6 processor

If the report is correct — plus there’s no cause to think that it must be not, because it fits inside perfectly with different supply chain chatter — the shift to TSMC can equally imply which Apple’s processors might see a shrinking of architecture. Samsung currently utilizes a 32-nanometer task to manufacture Apple’s chips, yet the report suggests which TSMC usually change to 28-nanometers, a move which might bring power-saving advantages.

Apple has equally been busy hiring persons with a immense amount of chip expertise, further recommending which the firm would like to take better control over the processors which go into iOS equipment.  

Apple’s newest A6 plus A6X processors are the company’s many sophisticated shape yet. A teardown of the chip carried out for iFixit by Chipworks revealed a complex shape, suggests which the ARM core blocks had been laid out manually because opposed to utilizing a computer inside purchase to maximize performance.

According to iFixit’s chief info architect Miroslav Djuric, the ARM cores inside the A6 “may be truly the only manual design inside a chip to hit the marketplace inside years.”

Image source: iFixit/Chipworks.


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