Apple preparing A-series processor creation move to TSMC: sources

It’s very obvious which Apple would like to banish Samsung from its supply chain, as well as for superior cause. The 2 businesses have been secured inside a bitter patent war, that has spread to almost each continent inside the planet.

Now, industry whispers recommend which Apple might shift manufacturing of its A-series processors — the silicon at the heart of each iOS-powered device which Apple sells — away within the Korean electronics giant, plus to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

The rumor comes through Chinese tech website DigiTimes¬†–¬†which is scarcely the many reliable source with regards to Apple-related information — however, the report does fit inside with additional chatter which I’ve been getting within the supply chain.

The report claims which TSMC usually start producing chips for iOS equipment throughout 2013, however which the big amount of chips which Apple needs — certain 220 million per year, that functions out at several 210,000 12-inch wafers — might place a big stress about TSMC.

TSMC chief executive Morris Chang has earlier recommended it might create sense for the organization to devote at minimum 1 semiconductor fabrication plant (or “fab”) to a single customer. And, merely because it arises, TSMC has a fresh fab expected to come online inside late 2013.

If Apple shifts creation to TSMC, then a move within the 32-nanometer task which Samsung currently utilizes to a better — both inside terms of force plus dies size — 28-nanomter procedure makes sense, incredibly because TSMC absolutely manufactures 28-nanometer components for the loves of Nvidia plus Qualcomm.

If Apple begins demanding hundreds of millions of processors from TSMC, then this might possibly place a crimp inside Nvidia plus Qualcomm’s supply chain. A quantity of fabless firms have grown to depend about TSMC for silicon, plus when Apple begins throwing its fat about, a few of them can be left scrabbling for a new supplier.

As noted by Ars Technica, Apple has been testing creation of next-generation A6 processors utilizing TSMC’s advanced 28nm task over the last year. If which is the case, then it’s not a matter of when Apple move manufacturing away from Samsung, yet whenever.

Image source: Apple.


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