Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth update today available

Yesterday, you learned which Rovio was primed plus willing to release the initially main update to Angry Birds Star Wars. This new update adds a amount of hot degrees set found on the ice world Hoth, and a new character inside the Princess Leia bird (whom is absolutely merely Pink Bird all dressed up). Even greater is that this update is accessible right this minute.

Another perk of the update releasing today: you finally reach see several gameplay footage. Whenever the update was announced past, all you got is a teaser trailer featuring footage from The Empire Strikes Back. Today’s trailer isn’t much longer, however at smallest you reach see how a few of the Hoth degrees usually play out, with the fearless bird heroes taking down all way of Imperial structures, from probe droids to AT-AT walkers plus even a Star Destroyer or 2.

In all, there are 20 new degrees to function the means by inside this update, adding greatly to the degrees found inside the Tatooine plus Death Star segments of the game. Also, the Princess Leia bird brings a entire brand-new force to the table: eye lasers. Yes, we heard proper, you mentioned “eye lasers.” Princess Leia may apparently shoot a lot of effective lasers from her eyes, that is anything you don’t remember being inside the film nevertheless are merely going to roll with anyway.

The Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth update is accessible at the moment within the Google Play Store [download link], however when you’re found on the fence with regards to the game, you are able to pay a visit to the trailer above to receive a feel for how it plays. It probably won’t be long before we’re hearing regarding the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars update, thus three-star all those degrees rapidly. Check out the timeline under to find out more about Angry Birds Star Wars.


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