Amazon Kindle Touch to come in two flavors

Amazon just announced the Kindle Touch eReader. As the name suggests the gadget doesn’t have any buttons and works only trough touch input. The price is more than attractive.

You’ll be able to get one of these starting November 21st, but what does it do? It’s a greyscale tablet that uses its touchscreen to record inputs such as going to the next or previous page or maybe going to inside the menu. The whole process is very easy to learn: you just tap the screen as you would when pressing the buttons of the Kindle reader.

The Kindle Touch comes in two flavors: a WiFi-only model and a 3G+WiFi one. Amazon gave the first model a very aggressive price tag: $ 99 dollars, while the 3G enabled Kindle Touch costs $ 149!

Although the tablets will be available on November 21st, you can pre-order them starting today!

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